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Learning how to do a sharp turn in Hockey Skating

Learning how to do a sharp turn in Hockey Skating

Hockey skating requires a great mobility in order to dribble your opponents, to avoid them… direction changes should be efficient and quick. Here are a few tips in order to learn how to do sharp turns…



Apprendre le virage brusque en roller hockey

Sharp turns enable players to change directions and moves quickly during gameplay. The best to do is to train in marking the spot of change with a cone.


  • You should turn your head, shoulders, arms and stick - touching the ground with both hands holding it, towards the next direction.
  • You body should lean towards the inside of the bend.
  • Your legs are bent in order to lower your center of gravity and gain in stability.
  • The puck should always be in front of you, it takes the turn first; the blade should be closed.
  • Just before getting round the cone, you should always put your inside foot to the front in order to keep your balance in the turn.
  • Your feet stay on the ground (no lifting).

Mistakes to avoid

  • A bad position of the stick while turning (not in the direction where you want to go).
  • Feet not touching the ground (risks of slipping).
  • Not enough knee bending (risks of losing balance).

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Translation: Chloe Seyres
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