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Testing the 100 and 110 mm Atom Matrix Wheels

Testing the 100 and 110 mm Atom Matrix Wheels

After the testing of the Atom Boom, let's test another set of wheels by the same brand. Here are our feelings on the Atom Matrix, a versatile model in both 100 and 110 mm…



Roues Atom Matrix

Test protocole

The two sets of 100 and 110 mm were put in the care of two skilled skaters of the OLS team. Each of them covered a few hundreds of kilometers on cycle lanes, with all qualities of surfaces, smooth or damaged grounds, come rain or come shine…

Introduction of the Matrix wheel

The Matrix wheels are destinated to training and competition use, on road and on track. It is a versatile model with already quite a good reputation in Europe. The Atom Matrix replaced the Atom One that OLS had tested several years ago. The Matrix is half-way between the Atom One and the Atom Boom.

The Matrix are delivered with a travel case, quite similar to that of the Matters, which is handy for traveling and for wheels protection.

The structure of the flashy green core is made of 6 double flared spokes, which is very characteristic. The green and black printing of the on-core inspires clockwork precision and stands out on the white polyurethane.


The making of the wheel is perfect. No flaws to be noticed, neither for the core nor for the polyurethane on-core. The link between the core and the on-core is irreproachable.


The 100 mm wheel exactly corresponds to the dimensions given. Its hardness is 86A, for a weight of 127 grams, which is quite light compared to other competitive models.


Everything went fine and nothing to say about the insertion of the bearings into the wheels.



Roue Atom MatrixThis is most probably the strong point of the wheel! The Atom Matrix has a great rolling, especially on smooth asphalt where you get a great power efficiency due to the rigidity of the core.

Grip on dry and wet grounds

Feelings are more reserved here. The grip is quite good on dry grounds. There is a good response of the wheel. The latter also proves to be very good for indoor bends. However on damp or wet grounds, the Matrix reaches its limits, you lose grip when you push hard. Obviously these are not rain wheels, but their grip in such conditions was sometimes very precarious during the testing.


As mentioned above, the core of the Matrix is quite rigid. Therefore, vibrations can be felt on damaged grounds. However, on smooth grounds, you can cover kilometers without feeling the ground under your feet.

Wear and tear

Our two testers have covered more than 300 km each. They seemed to wear fast on the whole during outdoors sessions. After 50 km the parting line was still visible but the profile was already altered. After 150 km, small grooves appeared on the on-core, which usually happens with 'dry' polyurethanes. Let's note that the Matrix proved to be very efficient also for T-braking.

Quality/Price ratio

With only 10€ per wheel for the 110 mm model, the Atom Matrix wheel is at the same level as competitive wheels such as the Matter Image, the Hyper PRG or the Rollx X-Bird and X-Dual.


The great rolling of the Matrix was much appreciated. However that wheel should be kept for dry and smooth grounds, on cycle lanes, for indoors or on track. Avoid using them on damaged and wet grounds. The wheel is suitable both for training and competition. Its attractive price makes it a serious competitors for heavyweights of the market.

Strong points and points to be improved


+ attractive price
+ design of the wheel
+ rolling on dry ground


- lack of grip on wet ground
- relatively fast wear

Technical facts

The technical facts below are only indicative. The price of the wheel may vary according to retailers.

Brand: Atom
Model: Matrix
Origin: USA
Diameters: Available in 90, 100 and 110 mm
Hardness: 86A
Color: Green core, white polyurethane
Price: Between 9 and 11 € according to the diameter and the distributor. Recommended public price for the 110 mm: 10€
Recommended use: Speed skating training, long distance on dry grounds, indoors practice

Photo gallery

Atom Matrix WheelsAtom Matrix wheel after 300 km of hard testing.Atom Matrix WheelsAtom Matrix WheelsAtom Matrix Wheels

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Tested by Gui-Gui and Sanglier76
Photos: Sanglier76

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