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Testing the Oxelo XLR Pro Model Hockey Stick

Testing the Oxelo XLR Pro Model Hockey Stick

Jérémy Défossez, coach and player for Lyon's Road Runners, has tested the new XLR Pro Model Hockey Stick, the high-end model by Oxelo, Decathlon's skating brand. Feedbacks…


Test bench

Test : crosse de roller-hockey Oxelo XLR Pro


Oxelo proposes a customizable carbon stick for adults. With the XLR Pro Model, Decathlon's brand does no try to compete with the top-end models of the market, but tries to offer a high-end model with an affordable price to its costumers. With a 90 flex and a 19 curve, Oxelo opted for a compromise in order to meet the expectations of most players.

Oxelo announces on their website that the stick was designed in collaboration with many technical partners: Thomas Roussel (International French player in ice hockey and player for the Ducs de Dijon in the Magnus league), Clément Crignier (roller hockey elite player for the Ecureuils d'Amiens), Benoît Muller (roller hockey elite player for the Diables de Rethel), Romain Gautereau (2013 elite French champion of roller hockey with Paris XIII), Romain Sauvage (captain of the French Team of hockey ball), the North Patriots of Lille (roller hockey National 2).


The Oxelo XLR Pro Model Hockey Stick has a sober but elegant looks with touches of black and white, which is enhanced by the red, white and blue flag, reminding the French Team.


We are used to play with light sticks are we quickly got used to the 470 grams monobloc stick, the weight of which remains pleasant although it is in the upper range of the market. The stick has a good handling ability and gives good sensations for shots.

Comparison with other brands:

  • Bauer Nexus 1000 - 425 grams
  • Monobloc Reebok 20K SR - 440 grams
  • Monobloc CCM U+ Pro SR - 455 grams
  • Monobloc CCM CL PRO SR - 455 grams
  • Oxelo XLR Pro Model - 470 grams
  • Monobloc Reebok 18K SR - 480 grams


Test : crosse de roller-hockey Oxelo XLR ProOxelo made the choice of not equipping its high-end stick with grip. That choice may be debatable but it is true that many players customize their sticks with the grip of their choice and the way they want… So that it is not necessarily a bad thing.


One training is enough to get used to it. The stick proves to be rigid and reactive. Its weight is well balanced, a little heavier in the lower part at the blade, which may explain why the blade holds better than a high-end monobloc model.

Wear and tear

After one month of testing with three sessions a week, the handle and the blade of the Oxelo XLR Pro roller hockey stick are still in good condition. The most common weak point of high-end monobloc models is that the blade weaken too fast. But nothing to report for the moment.

Quality-price ratio

99.95€ is one of the most attractive prices on today's market for a high-end stick. Obviously you cannot compare an Oxelo model with a high-end model by Bauer or another brand. However, the Oxelo range isn't destined to elite skaters but to a wide public of regular players with an affordable XLR Pro model.


The XLR Pro Model stick is extremely interesting for a great diversity of roller hockey players, whether you are a beginner or a player in the N1 division. Let's deplore that there is currently only one itemization available, but things should evolve soon with the arrival of new flexes and blades. Note: customizable blades should be available on the market in April.

Test : crosse de roller-hockey Oxelo XLR Pro

Strong points and points to be improved 

+ excellent quality-price ratio
+ reactivity
+ slow wear

- no grip on the monobloc
- no choice of flex or blade
- only one size available


Weight: 8.5/10
Design: 8/10
Period of adaptation: 9/10
Shot response: 8/10
Pass response: 9/10
Weight balance: 8/10
Handling response: 9/10
Quality-price ratio: 10/10

Technical facts 

Name: XLR Pro
Brand: Oxelo (Decathlon)
Material: Carbon
Weight: 470 grams
Diameter of the handle: 9.2 cm
Flex of the blade: 90
Curve of the blade: equivalence CCM=19, Reebok=Sakic, Bauer=P92
Available size: 1.50 m (adult)
Public price: 99.95€
Use: Roller hockey for adults (with exception of the goal keeper)

Photo gallery


The XLR Pro on Oxelo's Website

By Jérémy Defossez and Alfathor
Translation: Chloe Seyres
Photos: Oxelo 
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