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2014 Trophy of the 3 Tracks: Pibrac (1/3)

2014 Trophy of the 3 Tracks: Pibrac (1/3)

The 28th edition of the International Trophy of the 3 Tracks took place on April 19-21, 2014 in Pibrac, Valence d'Agen and Gujan-Mestras. Apart from a rainy Sunday, the three days of competition unfolded in good conditions...


The 2014 Edition

Première étape des 3 Pistes à Pibrac

Despite the entering of the Trophy of the 3 Tracks into the 2014 European Cup schedule, the number of registered skaters to the event dropped by more than 200 skaters (less than 800 in 2014 against nearly 1000 in 2013). Germans and skaters of the Eastern countries gave the cold shoulder to the event. One week away from Gross-Gerau, they may have opted for the closest race. The South American delegations are also less numerous. Venezuela and Colombia mobilized less skaters this year. However, the Americans remain faithful to the event with a delegation of 37 skaters. The Indians have made the trip for the third time.

The forces involved

The 2014 vintage of the 3 Tracks isn't less good for all that. Famous skaters made the trip. To name but a few: Alex Cujavante (Colombia), Boris Pena (Powerslide, Colombia), Felix Rijhnen (Powerslide, Germany), Ariens Crispijn (Team Fan Werven, Netherlands), Stefano Mareschi (Italy), Alexis Contin (Bont, France), Ewen Fernandez (Powerslide Matter, France), Gwendal Lepivert (Bont, France), Martyn Dias (Lagos, Portugal), Diogo Marreiros (Lagos, Portugal). Let's not forget the EOSkates armada with Paxti Peula Cabello (Espagne), Nolan Beddiaf (France), Elton de Souza (France) and more…

The female pack lacks South American presence this year. Let's remember with a little nostalgy the fights at the top between Cécilia Baena (EOSkates) and compatriot Kelly Martinez (Bont).

Powerslide sent two of their marathon skaters to the 3 Tracks: Sabine Berg and Katharina Rumpus. On the French side, the Halbout sisters (2APN Avon) and the Pouydebat sisters (Pibrac RE) are there. Let's also note the comeback of Aurélie Duchemin.

Première étape des 3 Pistes à Pibrac

First day in Pibrac

It had been a while since the whole scheduled races could be honored in Pibrac, given the uncertain weather conditions on Easter weekends. This year, you could even take your shirt off to enjoying a little sun bath.

500 m Races

The 500 m race is the specialty of the European Cup, and this year, the 3 Pistes start with the 500 m in Pibrac. The skaters shoot off for 3 laps on the granito track. The semi-finals are full of twists and turns. Elton de Souza (EOSkates) does a great start but the skaters are neck and neck. An indisputable Portuguese penalty makes him loose his speed and he fails to qualify for the final. The culprit only receives a warning when he could have been excluded for it.

What does it matter: representatives of the 3 international teams, Bont, Powerslide and EOSkates are on the starting line. The victory goes to Paxti Peula Cabello (EOSkates) in front of Gwendal Lepivert (Bont) and Nolan Beddiaf (EOSkates).

In the Women's, French Justine Halbout (2APN Avon) manages to get the victory in front of the two Germans of the Powerslide Team, Sabine Berg and Katharina Rumpus. Her sister, Clémence, takes the 4th place.

5 000 m Races

Then follow the 5 000 m races where the Portuguese skaters of Lagos play the bogeymen. They'll have to be taken into account this year!

Diogo Marreiros gets the first place in front of Boris Pena (Powerslide Matter, Colombia) and Paxti Cabello (EOSkates, Spain). The black and red team tried to lock up the start of the race but they had to yield under the attacks of the Bont team by Gwendal Lepivert, Alexis Contin and Quentin Giraudeau. The rest of the pack also jostled for position to be on the outpost. The situation had to be negotiated with Alex Cujavante (PKC, Colombia), burning with enthusiasm.

In the Women's, Berg and Rumpus of Powerslide obviously played the leading roles. Yet, an experienced circuit skater is going to stake her all: Aurélie Duchemin (ALC Bouguenais) gets the second place behind Sabine Berg and in front of Katharina Rumpus. Juliette Pouydebat (Pibrac RS) remains at the foot of the podium, just like the Halbout sisters.

Première étape des 3 Pistes à Pibrac


Second day of the Trophy of the 3 Tracks

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