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2014 Trophy of the 3 Tracks: Gujan Mestras (3/3)

2014 Trophy of the 3 Tracks: Gujan Mestras (3/3)

For the last day of the event, the International Trophy of the 3 Tracks settled in Gujan-Mestras. The skaters enjoyed a nice weather and a brand-new track surface. A last race full of twists and turns…


Gujan-Mestras: 3rd Day

3ème journée des 3 Pistes à Gujan-Mestras

At last, the skaters can try the new surface of the track of Gujan-Mestras. The ocher Courtsol covering provides a better grip in bends than the former track. The least to say is that you should avoid falling if you don't want to end up with a serious burn!

A Gujan-Mestras avec Katharina Rumpus et Sabine Berg

Senior Women's 1000 m Race

The Women's final of the 1000 m race gathers the usual competitors. The first lap is completed at a stately pace, with Maelanne Leroux leading. Justine Halbout passes her with Sabine Berg and Katharina Rumpus in her stream. The two Germans are ideally placed. They break away, attacked from the inside by Clémence Halbout. At the bell, Sabine Berg is neck and neck with Clémence Halbout, the two skaters cross the line less than a hundredth apart with a hawk finish.

German Sabine Berg finally establishes herself in front of the Halbout Sisters, Clémence and Justine, in that order. Katharina Rumpus has to make do with the 4th place.

Senior Men's 1000 m Race

Reyda Messaoudi et Yann Guyader au microThe Men's final of the 1000 m race is won by Alexis Contin (Bont)! The French is making a slow but sure comeback after months of struggle. His thyroid problem compromised his chances at the Sochi Olympics, but Alexis confessed to us that his pleasure and motivation for skating were still intact.

The race gets off to a great start with the breakaway of Elton de Souza (EOSkates). Alexis chases him to catch up, together with Gwendal Lepivert (Bont) in his stream. In the back, the Portuguese skaters try to pass him but Gwendal blocks them to protect his leader. Alexis Contin finally wins in front of Diogo Marreiros (Lagos, Portugal) and Paxti Cabello (EOSkates, Spain).

Gwendal Lepivert finishes 4th in front of Elton de Souza (EOSkates) and Nolan Beddiaf (EOSkates).

Senior Women's 5000 m Point Race

Aurélie Duchemin takes control in the first lap. German Katharina Rumpus and Sabine Berg (Powerslide) speed up the pace. Katharina Rumpus breaks away with Portuguese Andreia Canha (Club Desportivo Dos Prazeres). Ysia Clausses (Breuillet) follows. Deborah Marchand (Powerslide Matter) catches up in her turn, together with Justine Halbout (2 APN Avon).

Pauline Combe (Pibrac) leads the chase. Sabine Berg breaks away to ensure the arrival points.

In the end, Katharina Rumpus (14 points) wins in front of compatriot Sabine Berg and Portuguese Andreia Canha (8 points).

Senior Men's 10 km Point Race

The 2014 Trophy of the 3 Tracks finishes with the Senior Men's 10 km point race (50 laps).

Paxti Cabello (EOSkates) goes get the first points in front of Félix Rijhnen (Powerslide). Following on, Alexis Contin (Bont) lights the fire and goes for a breakaway of several laps, gleaning 8 points so doing. In the back, his team mates temporize. Nolan Beddiaf (EOSkates) goes for a counter attack, followed by Alex Cujavante (Colombia). Nolan catches up and counter attacks Portuguese Diogo Marreiros. Paxti Peula Cabello speeds up. Ariens Crispijn goes in his turn with Martyn Dias:counter attacks shower down on the race!

Elton de Souza goes get the points to protect Paxti Peula Cabello, his leader.

Maarten Swings (Powerslide) breaks away, with Quentin Girardeau (Bont) hot on his heels. The two skaters get a few points thanks to it. Quentin even manages to outdo it in breaking away alone. Cujavante tries to counter attack from the back and passes the two skaters. Paxti saw it coming from behind and catches up in his stream. Paxti takes the points in front of Cujavante. Paxti pushes, goes on alone while Cujavante gives way. Elton manages to catch up in the stream of his leader, Diego Marreiros follows. The three skaters share the points, three laps from the finish line. Paxti even manages to set off again and passes the line with his arms upraised in victory.

In the end, Paxti Peula Cabello wins with 13 points in front of Elton de Souza (8 points), Alexis Contin (8 points) and Ariens Crispijn (8 points). What a race!


It was a great edition of the Trophy of the 3 tracks. With 193 races on the first day in Pibrac, the organizers succeeded in planning the series of races without interruption. Hats off! There was a real improvement as for the flow of the planning compared to the previous years, which is all the more appreciable for the public.

A few points still remain to be improved for the upcoming years, like the signage to get to the tracks or the management of the sanitary facilities on the three sites. The number of toilet blocks was not enough for more than 1000 people on each site.

As for the sports part, the Trophy of the 3 Tracks offered a first class show. The live broadcasting is improving year after year. The races were thrilling from the beginning to the end in all categories. Roll on next year!

Main results

Senior Women's (Speed)

  1. Berg Sabine (Powerslide Matter Racing)
  2. Halbout Justine (2apn77 Avon)
  3. Halbout Clémence (2apn77 Avon)

Senior Women's (Long distance)

  1. Berg Sabine (Powerslide Matter Racing
  2. Rumpus Katharina (Powerslide Matter Racing)
  3. Duchemin Aurélie (Alc Bouguenais)

Senior Women's General Ranking (Trophy)

  1. Berg Sabine (Powerslide Matter Racing)
  2. Rumpus Katharina (Powerslide Matter Racing)
  3. Halbout Justine (2apn77 Avon)
  4. Pouydebat Juliette (Pibrac Rs)
  5. Duchemin Aurélie (Alc Bouguenais)

Senior Men's (Speed)

  1. Peula Cabello Patxi (Eoskates World Team)
  2. Le Pivert Gwendal (Team Bont Skate)
  3. Marreiros Diogo (Roller Lagos Cp)

Senior Men's (Long distance)

  1. Peula Cabello Patxi (Eoskates World Team)
  2. Marreiros Diogo (Roller Lagos Cp)
  3. Cujavante Luna Alex (Pkc)

Senior Men's General Ranking (Trophy)

  1. Peula Cabello Patxi (Eoskates World Team)
  2. Marreiros Diogo (Roller Lagos Cp)
  3. Beddiaf Nolan (Eoskates World Team)
  4. De Souza Elton (Eoskates World Team)
  5. Contin Alexis (Team Bont Skate)

3ème journée des 3 Pistes à Gujan-Mestras


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