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2014 Roller Hockey Worlds: Recap of the 2nd Day

2014 Roller Hockey Worlds: Recap of the 2nd Day

The second day of the 2014 Roller Hockey World Championships was busy with many games. The main surprise is probably the Spanish resistance facing the Czech Republic. Italy also created a stir against Colombia...


Recap of the 2nd day of competition in Toulouse

Colombie - Italie


Junior Men's: Canada 22 - 0 Korea

Even if the South Koreans are no beginners, finding yourself against such an experimented team as Canada for your first game is still tricky. With 10 goals during the first period and 12 during the second, the two halves are pretty balanced. Even if Ewan Enderson scores a lot of goals, the Canadian team rotates so that many players have the opportunity to play. A good occasion to work on their individual statistics!

Junior Men's: Switzerland 10 - 1 Germany

Switzerland impose themselves without surprise against Germany, reinforcing their outsider status. Lukas Scherrer and Thierry Bader do a lot for the Swiss team on that game.

Junior Men's: Colombia 3 - 3 Italy

A breathtaking game with suspense until the end! A very balanced match. In front of hundreds of school children specially invited for the occasion, and with the Colombian and Italian women's teams cheering, the game starts at full speed. The two teams attack and fight back, but none really manages to take the advantage. Italy leads twice but Colombia is pugnacious enough to catch up at the score. In the end, the two teams are even at 3-3, leaving the possibilities of qualification for Colombia, Italy and France even more open.

Junior Men's: Mexico's forfeit against Australia

Mexico not being able to make it to France, the Australians win the game by default.

Junior Men's: Czech Republic 2 - 1 Spain

A victory by forceps for the Czechs! The five-time world champions are not as untouchable as they used to be. They seem to be performing under their usual level, and the Spanish fight for their lives. 10 minutes will pass before the Czech armada opens the score with Filip Kuťák, assisted by Natan Vráblík. But the Spanish players don't give up and play a very high level game. They manage to tie at 1-1 at the beginning of the second period thanks to Juan Escudero Ramirez, assisted by Eloi Sin Arumi. They are even a whisker away from taking the advantage. Filip Kuťák doubles down, assisted by Patrik Dalajka, and frees the Czechs a few minutes from the end. The Czechs assert their experience.

Junior Men's: USA 13 - 0 Namibia

Without much surprise, the Americans make short work of the young Team Namibia in the Ramée hall. Goals follow one another to reach the irrevocable score of 13 to 0.

Junior Men's: Great Britain 5 - 2 New Zealand

The Brits impose their game against another nation of the Commonwealth. Great Britain takes off in the first period, scoring 3 goals and only letting 1 in. The Brits add up two more goals during the second period, while New Zealand score one more point. Final score: 5 to 2.

Corée du Sud - Canada

Senior Women's

Senior Women's: Mexico's forfeit


Just as mentioned yesterday, Brazil doesn't have to fight since Mexico, being absent, had to withdraw.

Senior Women's: Germany 13 - 0 India

The Indian team has improved since its participation to its first world championships last year. Still they can't contain the attacks of the German team. Final Score: 13-0.

Senior Women's: USA 7 - 0 Spain

The American machine makes short work of the Spanish team at the Palais des Sports.

After 3 minutes of game, Melanie Moore opens the score, followed by Leigh Kalya Demint 5 minutes later, then by Ariane Yokoyama and Alisson Era, 3 minutes before the break.

In second period, the Americans score 3 other goals with Melanie Moore, Jessica Dunne and Alisson Era.

Senior Women's: Namibia 4 - 3 Australia

The game is quite balanced between those two nations from the southern hemisphere. They attack and fight back during the whole match. Despite a good comeback in the second period, the Australian can't catch up with the score.

Senior Women's: Canada 13 - 1 Latvia

Without surprise, Canada easily dominates Latvia. The Canadians score 7 goals at the first half, before the Latvian players save their honor in the second half.

Senior Women's: Czech Republic 6 - 3 Colombia

After their game against France, the Colombians meet the Czechs. According to the prognostics, we could have been led to believe that it is only a mere formality for the Czechs, but the latters have to face a pugnacious South American team.

The Czech Republic opens the score hardly 30 seconds after the kick off, with Katerina Mrazova assisted by Katerina Flachsova. Colombia doesn't lose countenance and retaliates 20 seconds later with Lizbeth Mira Quintero, assisted by Laura Parra Montaño. Then the Czechs exert pressure in front of the Colombian goals for several minutes, until their efforts are rewarded with a goal by Katerian Mrazova, assisted by Lucie Novakova. But they haven't heard the last of the Colombians, who counter attack and tie 50 seconds before the break, with to Lizbeth Mira Quintero.

The second period is different from the beginning of the game, both teams managing to score one after the other… until the Czechs take control back, pushing the Colombians to play defense, shooting from afar, scoring three times. Final score: 6-3 for the Czechs.

France - Grande-Bretagne

Senior Women's: France confirms against Great Britain

After an easy win over Colombia on the previous day, the French have to face a more tenacious team.

After an observation phase of a dozen minutes, the French open the score with Léna Rault. A few minutes later, Marie Ravix doubles down. The French control the game but do not score anymore. The Brits narrow the gap before the break with Hannah Archer. Score at the break: 2-1.

Back on the court, Marina Fagoaga gives a bit more air to the French side with a goal, exploiting their numerical superiority. The Brits are weakening and the French score again and again: Léna Rault, Marie Ravix, Marina Corbeil and Aurore Gauthier offer a display of 4 goals in 1 min 30 sec to the French supporters. Quite logically, the French take the lead of their group.

Senior Women's: New Zealand 2 - 0 Italy

New Zealand does a great performance in imposing themselves against Italy. The Kiwi team takes the advantage as soon as the first period, with a goal by Anjali Thakker assisted by Helen Murray, and then again with Anjali Thakker scoring in power play, 4 minutes before the break.

During the second half, the New Zealanders resist and no goal is to be scored.


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Text: Sébastien Marpeau and Alfathor
Photos: Arnaud Chhuor
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