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Report on the 3rd Day at the 2014 Worlds of Inline Hockey

Report on the 3rd Day at the 2014 Worlds of Inline Hockey

The 2014 World Championships of Inline Hockey are now in full swing and tendencies are taking shape. Next to the big teams of Canada, the U.S.A. and the Czech Republic, a few outsiders spring a surprise...


Junior Men

Corée du Sud - Suisse

South Korea 1 - 36 Switzerland

Switzerland have won all their matches since the beginning of the Worlds. They have inflicted an interminable score to South Korea, totting up 36 goals. Still, the young South Korean Team saved their honor in scoring once. It shows the level gap that still exists within the World Championships, which is not necessarily a good thing for the image of our sport.

Belgium 7 - 3 Colombia

It was one of the most surprising matches of the beginning of those Worlds. After a tough game against France, the Belgians created a sensation in imposing themselves with panache against Colombia. That game resets the playoffs race in a group where France is in the lead.

Czech Republic 1 - 0 Mexico

Game cancelled by forfeit for Mexico, the team couldn't make it to the Worlds.

Germany 1 - 13 Canada

Germany is not just any team and yet, they had to face a blister attack from the Canadians. The Germans' defensive square was not enough to contain their opponents' offensives.

Namibia 4 - 5 Great Britain

The Brits won by a whisker after the Namibians made them doubt, despite their booming. This victory secures the Brits' qualification into the quarter finals, whereas Namibia remains last of Group B.

New Zealand 1 - 7 U.S.A.

Despite a serious score, the Americans had a hard time counter-attacking the New Zealanders, burning with enthusiasm. As a result of their defeat, the Kiwis will play in the lower groups while the Americans will be the main opponents of the Czechs.

Italy 2 - 5 France

The enemy brothers! Italy-France games are always heated and that one was no exception. The French Team easily dominated the first period despite many clashes with the Squadra Azzurra (3-0). Back from the break, Italy retaliated and Giorgio Talamini scored their first goal in power play.

Australia 0 - 4 Spain

For their first game, the Australians couldn't contain the Spanish ardor. They will have to accomplish a major feat against the Czech bosses if they want to qualify for the new round. Quite a challenging task in the horizon!

Corée du Sud - Suisse

Senior Women

Italy 1 - 0 Mexico

Mexico having been unable to go to France, their team is disqualified. Italy didn't even have to play.

Brazil 0 - 15 New Zealand

New Zealand comfortably dominated Brazil in a one-way game. Tara Tissing, Anjali Thakker and Helen Murray scored most of the goals. Brazil and India should fight for the lower part of the ranking.

Great Britain 3 - 6 Czech Republic

Despite their resistance, the Brits couldn't hold back the Czech assaults. A very committed game with many penalties on Great Britain's side. The Czechs leveled up compared to their previous game where they had played quite a feeble game. This time, they controlled the game from A to Z. A good preparation before their meeting with France to play the top position of the group.

Latvia 0 - 3 Namibia

Namibia allow themselves a deep breath of fresh air in scoring 3 points against Latvia. The Namibians get their ticket to the quarter finals facing the Latvian Team, who performed quite an interesting play for their first participation to the Worlds.


...Three major games will determine the qualification spots:

In the Women's, France will play for the top-position of their group against the Czech Republic.

In the Junior Men's, France, already qualified, will face the revanchist Colombian team after their defeat against Belgium. Last but not least, the highlight of the day will be the game opposing Switzerland to Canada, two undefeated teams. That game will unveil the real Canadian strike force in a big match situation.

Corée du Sud - Suisse

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By Sébastien Marpeau and Alfathor
Photos: Eddy Wegrzyn
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