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2014 Inline Hockey World Championships: On the way to the finals

2014 Inline Hockey World Championships: On the way to the finals

Yesterday was the fourth day of the Inline Hockey Worlds in Toulouse, France. Here is the report on all the games of the day in the Senior Women's and Junior Men's categories...


Results of the 4th day: Junior Men

Mexico 0 - 1 Spain


Forfeit. Nothing to report.

U.S.A. 6 - 1 Great Britain

A physical game perfectly controlled by the Americans, facing valiant but struggling Brits. The two teams still enter the quarter finals, where Great Britain will meet the dreadful Canadians, and the Americans will play against Switzerland.

Belgium 1 - 4 Italy

The Italians get their ticket to the playoffs against quite a surprising Belgian team.

Germany 12 - 0 South Korea

Without much suspense, the Germans dominated the young Korean team with a heavy score of 12 to 0. The Germans remained very fair-play in not humiliating their opponents. They will play against Colombia for their ranking game.

Australia 1 - 12 Czech Republic

Australia saved their honor is scoring a point against the Czech Republic. The closer to the final phases, the better the Czechs play. They are first of their group and meet Italy tonight.

New Zealand 5 - 4 Namibia

Australie Canada

An interesting game at the end of which New Zealand gain their ticket to the next round. The Kiwis defeated Team Namibia who held on until the end. Only at the end of the match did the score turn in favor of the black & whites.

Colombia 2 - 9 France

The French steamroller crushed Colombia! Even if the beginning of the game was a bit listless for the French, their shifting up a gear was all the more lightning afterwards. The French seem to be on their way to get the title.

Canada 4 - 0 Switzerland

The Canadians locked their defensive shutter, annihilating the opposing offense.

Senior Women

Canada 6 - 1 Namibia

Namibia did better than just resisting to one of the favorite teams of the competition. All lights are green for a match between Canada and the U.S.A., the north-american derby now being inevitable.

Brazil 0 - 11 Italy

République Tchèque

In imposing themselves against Brazil, the Italians win the opportunity to face Canada in quarter finals... a tough task for the Squadra Azzurra!

Great Britain 4 - 3 Colombia

Just like in the Junior Men's category, the Colombian Senior Women fail to reach the quarter finals of the Worlds. Great Britain physically dominated the game despite the Colombian pressure. In so doing, they rank at a better position for the 9 to 16 ranking games. Next opponent for Great Britain: India.

Spain 10 - 0 India

India keeps on discovering the requirements of international inline hockey. Spain made the better of the game in rotating their lines and working on their tactics... A way of cooling down before the upcoming game against France, where their may spring a surprise.

New Zealand 1 - 0 Mexico

Forfeit. Nothing to report.

Australia 4 - 2 Latvia

A false rhythm set in that game between Australia and Latvia. Australian captain Roberts enabled her team to take the 3rd place of the group. Australia will then play next for the ranking games.

U.S.A. 12 - 0 Germany

Quite a slow game facing the square formation of Team Germany. The Americans revised their basics, waiting to conquer a new title.

France 4 - 2 Czech Republic

France made a perfect game facing the Czech team, whose level has kept on rising since the beginning of the Worlds.


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