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2014 Inline Hockey Worlds: Results of the 5th Day

2014 Inline Hockey Worlds: Results of the 5th Day

The 5th day of the 2014 World Championships of Inline Hockey was dedicated to the quarterfinals and playdones. Close-up on the games before entering the semi-finals...


Junior Men

Playdone: Australia 3 - 4 Colombia

AllemagneImposing themselves against Australia, the Colombians go on their way to places 9 to 12. Australia joins the lower part of the chart. The Kangaroos have endured defeat after defeat since the beginning of the Worlds.

Playdone: New Zealand 13 - 1 South Korea

South Korea carries on with the learning of high international level with another defeat against New Zealand. The objective for South Korea will be to avoid the last place at the general ranking. New Zealand will now meet Germany, a team that is going to be tricky to control.

Playdone: Belgium 1 - 0 Mexico

Mexico having forfeited the tournament, the game didn't take place.

Playdone: Germany 7 - 2 Namibia

Germany perfectly mastered their topic facing Namibia, in full progress but still too weak to threaten the Mannschaft. Next game for the Germans: New Zealand. Namibia should win against their next opponent, South Korea.

Quarter Final: France 3 - 1 Spain

After both teams having stood up against each other for 20 min, Spain opened the score, just like the Senior Women in the morning. France managed to redress the balance after the break thanks to two goals by Hugo Vitou, and scored the last one in an empty net. The French will fight against the Czech Republic in semi-finals.

Quarter Final: Canada 8 - 0 Great Britain

The Canadians move up the next gear, with the conquest of the title in sight, yet facing a very dynamic English team. The level difference between the two teams quickly became apparent. The Canadians are faster and more confident in their technique.

Quarter Final: U.S.A. 10 - 2 Switzerland

In a game looking a lot like that between Canada and Great Britain, the USA are getting prepared for the upcoming north-american derby. The enemy brothers will meet in semi-finals. It will probably be one of the most explosive games of those Worlds... and who knows, maybe with extra time to decide for the winner?

Quarter Final: Czech Republic 5 - 1 Italy

Against Italy, the Czech Republic confirm their status of favorite of the competition. The five-time world champions show they are still at the top level. Beating Italy, the Czech offer themselves a spot in semi-final where they will meet France. A game not to be missed!


Senior Women

Playdone: Germany 0 - 2 Colombia

Victoire espagnoleColombia recovered a little in imposing themselves against the modest German team. The South Americans are now entering the race to place 9, whereas the Germans will play for places 13 to 16 against India.

Playdone: Australia 1 - 0 Mexico

Mexico having forfeited the tournament, the game didn't take place.

Quarter Final: France 0 - 2 Spain

The French didn't manage to get the upper hand once over their Spanish neighbors. The two teams attacked and counter attacked for 30 minutes before opening the score on the Spanish side. They put pressure on the French very high on the court. The French are out and the Spanish will now face the U.S.A. in semi-final.

Playdone: Brazil 0 - 6 Latvia

A game perfectly handled by Latvia. The Brazilian team improves steadily but their level is still not enough to worry the European nations.

Quarter Final: New Zealand 5 - 1 Namibia

République TchèqueQuite a surprising quarter final game, as nobody would have expected those two teams reaching that round. New Zealand entered the FIRS only last year. It is all the more surprising to see the Kiwis going to the semi-finals, when some stronger teams didn't manage such a feat. The New Zealanders showed great experience and never found themselves in trouble during the game. New Zealand will meet Canada in semi-final. They will have to redouble their efforts to reach the final.

Playdone: Great Britain 11 - 1 India

The Indians keep on practicing and improving their basics in those World Championships. Great Britain carried on with their revision before facing Colombia for the 9th place.

Quarter Final: Canada 10 - 0 Italy

The Canadians imposed their game against the Italians, a mere formality on their way to the final. the Canadians' chart turns to their advantage since they will meet New Zealand in semi-final. The Kiwis will have to conquer the unconquerable to go further into the competition.

Quarter Final: U.S.A. 6 - 2 Czech Republic

Blunted by their intense game against France, the Czech had the tough task of meeting the Americans, probably the future finalists of the worlds together with the Canadians. The Americans didn't shake at all during the game, quickly taking the advantage, scoring 4 goals in the first 10 minutes.


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