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2014 Inline Hockey Worlds: Day 6

2014 Inline Hockey Worlds: Day 6

The 6th day of the 2014 World Championships of Inline Hockey saw the French Juniors create a stir during extra time against the Czechs, the five-time world champions, while Canada is about to meet the U.S.A. for the Women's final…


Junior Men

Playdone: Germany 3 - 2 New Zealand

France - République TchequeAfter quite a complicated start at the Worlds, Germany get their third victory in a row, imposing themselves by a whisker, 3 to 2 against New Zealand. The latter scared the Germans though, in moving to within a point of them in the last 3 minutes. Germany will play for rank 9 to 10 against Colombia, while New Zealand will meet Belgium for places 11 and 12.

Playdone: Colombia 5 - 3 Belgium

Colombia wins against the inconsistent Belgian team. In so doing, the Colombians got back at Belgium who had deprived them from quarter finals during the group games.

Playdone: Switzerland 3 - 1 Great Britain

The Swiss victory took a while to take shape. A first goal was scored after 10 minutes of play but the Helvetians will only widen the gap at the second period, hardly 1 min 20 back from the break.

Playdone: Italy 0 - 5 Spain

Italy made Spain doubt for a good while, the scores being still untouched at the break. But Spain shifted up a gear at the second period, leaving no chance to the Italians. The bill is pretty hefty at the end of the game.

Playdone: Namibia 14 - 1 South Korea

Namibia got a second victory in a row against Korea. That comfortable success enables them to play for places 13 and 14 at the Palais des Sports André Brouat in Toulouse.

Playdone: Australia 1 - 0 Mexico

Mexico having forfeited, Australia is declared the winner.

Semi-Final: U.S.A. 3 - 5 Canada

The public at the Palais des Sports witnessed a very open game. The Americans opened the score only 3 min after the start. Canada keep their spirits up and tie a few minutes later, 1 to 1. Dolce for the U.S.A. and Margo for Canada enable both teams to reach the break with a 2-2 draw.

Back from the break, the Americans seem to control the game, but Canada scores another goal with Ooster Veld. Without trembling and in numerical superiority, Jonathan Waring makes his team believe in a spot in final. While the game shapes itself towards extra time, Gabe Bast buries the American Dream, 55 sec from the final whistle blow. That last Canadian goal, 3 seconds from the buzzer and in an empty net, remains anecdotal.


Semi-Final: Czech Republic 4 - 5 France

What a game! After having opened the score in less than a minute, the French saw the Czechs catch up and fly away 4-2. The French will reverse the trend in the last 3 minutes, scoring twice in a row. In bringing the Czechs into extra time, the French got the victory at the shootouts in front of a crazy audience. The French will meet Canada in final at 20:00 on Sunday, July 6.

Senior Women

Playdone: Latvia 0 - 4 Australia

Grande-Bretagne Suisse

Australia got their 3rd victory in a row against the Latvians, who participate in the World Championships for the first time. That victory enable them to play for the 9th place. Latvia will play for places 11 to 12.

Playdone: Colombia 3 - 4 Great Britain

The English victory was cast during the first half, leading 2 to 1 before the break. No team could take the advantage over their opponent during the second half, where they both scored 2 points.

The game was very physical and heavy in penalties.

Playdone: Brazil 1 - 0 Mexico

Mexico having forfeited, Brazil won.

Playdone: Germany 14 - 0 India

The Germans scored 9 goals during the first period before concentrating on team work on the second period. The Germans will play against Brazil for places 12 to 14, while India ends up 15th of those World Championships, Mexico being last.

Playdone: Italy 3 - 4 Namibia

The surprising Namibian team, despite their defeat of the previous day against New Zealand in quarter finals, continued to surprise with a very pleasant game. The Namibians got the victory in extra time. They will meet France for their next game!

Playdone: Czech Republic 1 - 6 France

The French imposed themselves for the second time in a row against the Czechs. Their play was more relaxed, freed from the stakes of the qualification. They won hands down with a score of 6 to 1. They will play against Namibia for the 5th place on Sunday 6th.

Semi-Final: Canada 4 - 1 New Zealand

With New Zealand, Canada had to face a tougher opponent than their previous ones. Without trembling, the world vice-champions scored twice in two minutes, showing their will to quickly take control over the game. The match went on with a New Zealander goal (2-1) before Canada added up two more goals. The scores remained unchanged at the second period. Canada could revise one last time before the super derby against their north american neighbors. The Canadians will work their hearts out to reconquer the title they lost last year.

Semi-Final: U.S.A. 4 - 0 Spain

All it took were 34 seconds for Jincy Dunne to open the American score. 7 minutes later, her sister Jessica doubled the feat. The Americans locked themselves behind their defense, through which the Spanish didn't manage to pass. In second period, Jessica Dunne widened the gap before Catherine Santo offered the last goal to her team in a penalty. The Spanish left a lot of energy into their semi-final and didn't seem to worry the Americans even once. They will now concentrate on their game against New Zealand to try and get the Bronze.

Nouvelle-Zélande Canada

Upcoming Games

Junior Men's Final

  • 17:10 - Bronze - Czech Republic Vs. U.S.A.
  • 20:00 - Gold - France Vs. Canada

Senior Women's Final

  • 15:40 - Bronze - Spain Vs. New Zealand
  • 18:40 - Gold - U.S.A. Vs. Canada

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