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2014 Inline Hockey Worlds: Results of the 3rd day

2014 Inline Hockey Worlds: Results of the 3rd day

The Worlds of Inline Hockey are in full swing in Toulouse, France. The 3rd day was still about group games for all the teams: Results of the third day...


Senior Men

Group F: China 0 – 8 Mexico

Espagne - Australie

The Mexicans assert their experience against the Chinese, who are in pursuit of a win. The Chinese suffered three defeats in a row in the group while Mexico did a tie, a win and a loss. They are in good position to go through to the next round. They will have to fight against Germany, which will be a whole different ballgame.

Group D: Venezuela 0 – 1 Brazil

Nothing to say, Venezuela didn't make the trip.

Group E: Poland 2 – 2 Latvia

That game between two eastern nations sees the first goal for Latvia 12 minutes after the start. Poland ties just before the break, so that they are back in good conditions for the second period. In a very committed game, this time Poland takes the lead before Latvia ties, 4 minutes from the end. Latvia and Poland are still at the top of the ranking for qualifications for the playoffs.

Group E: India 0 – 15 New Zealand

Not much to say here. New Zealand plays against India in keeping a close eye on the Latvia-Poland game, a determining game for their qualification for the next round.

Group D: Russia 4 – 2 Colombia

Championnat du monde de roller hockey

In a physical game, Colombia assert their skating skills and take a 2-0 lead very quickly. The Russians are not easily taken in and are back one point away from their opponents before the break, then speed up by the end of the game in scoring 3 more goals. They are in quite a good position for the qualifying playoffs to reach the quarter finals.

Group F: Belgium 0 – 10 Germany

Germany make short work of Belgium, comforting their status of favorite. Marco Forster, who scored thrice, and his team mates, are ready to confront Mexico to validate their ticket to the quarter finals.

Group C: Namibia 2 – 2 Argentina

Namibia manage to keep Argentina in check, although they were part of the favorites. That counter-performance places the Argentineans in a very difficult situation, closing them the doors to the quarter-finals. They are deprived from a rise up in the top seed next year... with the Worlds taking place in Argentina!

Group C: Spain 2 – 1 Australia

Spain continue to perform in a group they surpass.They will yet need one last victory against Namibia in order to play the qualifying playoffs.

Group A: U.S.A. 2 – 3 Czech Republic

The Czechs, although without Sebec, impose their pace against a pale American team. The latters really don't manage to get into those Worlds. Their game against Great Britain may even show itself to be dangerous.

Group B: Swiss 4 – 2 Italy

In a game lacking rhythm, the two teams quickly open their scores. After 10 mintes, the Swiss get the lead. They think they have done the hardest part in scoring just after the break, but Luca Felicetti extends the suspense in scoring 5 minutes before the end for Italy. While Italy risk it all in removing their goalkeeper, a failed defensive pass enables to Swiss to go and score the goal that seals the game.

Group B: Canada 1 – 2 France

After a defeat on their first game against Switzerland, the French Team showed a better face in imposing themselves against the world vice-champions. Despite the Canadians openening of the score, they don't panick and manage to catch up in second period. They still have to meet Italy in order to reach the quarter finals in the best conditions as possible...

Group A: Great Britain 2 – 4 Sweden

After a closed start, Sweden takes the advantage on a major penalty made on the English side. Back from the break, the English tie but Sweden retaliate 19 seconds later with another goal. The same scenario happens again 5 minutes from the end, when English and Swedish score in turns. The score is definitely settled 7 seconds from the end, when Simon Gustavsson frees his team in scoring a goal in an empty net.

France - Canada

Junior Women

Spain 4 – 3 Colombia

Colombia opens the score after 43 seconds, determined not to yield in front of the impressive Spanish team. Colombia doubles up 8 minutes later. That goal wakes Spain up and they tie in 4 minutes (2-2). In second period, many penalties break up the game, Spain makes the most of it in scoring in Power Play and taking the lead. Both teams score once more before the end of the game, but without changing the outcome.

New Zealand 3 – 9 U.S.A.

The U.S.A. make up for their defeat against Spain. The game is played in the first 11 minutes, where the Americans score 5 goals. They are led by freshly consecrated world champion Jessica Dunne, who scored three times in the game.

Great Britain 5 – 1 Australia

Great Britain impose themselves 5 to 1 and are now part of the favorites for the title. With three goals by Shannon Jones, the Brits take the lead of their group. Australia should beat Canada tomorrow to hope finish at the 2nd place.

Namibia 1 – 6 Canada

The Canadian vice-champions have to wait until the second period to rid themselves of Namibia. They cast the dice when they are back from the break with 4 goals in 8 minutes. The Canadians have recovered but should confirm against Australia if they want to avoid a confrontation against the U.S.A. in quarter- finals.

Suisse - Italie

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