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2014 Inline Hockey Worlds: Results of the 4th day - week 2

2014 Inline Hockey Worlds: Results of the 4th day - week 2

Here we are in the ultimate group games before the quarter finals of the 2014 Inline Hockey Worlds in Toulouse, France. Results of the 4th day...


Junior Women

Group B: Great Britain 7 – 1 Namibia

Grande-Bretagne NamibieGreat Britain impose themselves 7 to 1 against Namibia. They secure the first place of their group. The first period was not enough for any of the two teams to take the advantage, but the British move up a gear at the second period. Namibia is relegated to the 4th place of the general ranking.

Group B: Australia 4 – 3 Canada

Australia spring a surprise in beating the Canadians, who drastically lack a leader. Both teams fight back and forth. The Australians take the advantage at the break. Canada catches up one point behind, making the most of their numerical superiority. The Australians seize the opportunity on a Canadian offense to counter. Danielle Roberts shoots the puck in the top corner, which puts her team in a safe place for good. The Canadian goal, 17 seconds before the end, is not enough to change the outcome.

Group A: Colombia 3 – 9 U.S.A.

Despite a good start, the Colombian team blows up in second period. The Americans get the 2nd place of their group with that victory. Colombia ends up last of the group.

Group A: Spain 5 – 0 New Zealand

Spain goes on its way as the favorite of the competition. They get rid of New Zealand despite quite a messy first period. Their first place enables them to play against Namibia tomorrow for the quarter finals of the Worlds.

Senior Men

Group F: China 0 – 19 Belgium

Australie CanadaBelgium shows good offensive efficiency against China, even if they still have in mind their deception of not getting the second place of their group against Mexico.

Group F: Mexico 0 – 5 Germany

The Mexicans try to resist as long as they can, but the power of Christian Mullet and his team mates makes the difference.

Group E: Latvia 6 – 4 New Zealand

Latvia shelter themselves from New Zealand's retaliation and, in so doing, win their ticket for the 8th finals (qualifying playoffs). However, New Zealand has an interesting play. They haven't managed to turn their offensive actions into goals during this 2014 edition of the Worlds. To sum up, the Kiwis have been more efficient in the past!

Group E: India 0 – 42 Poland

Poland show themselves uncompromising with the young Indian team. A sad record for the Polish who didn't take into consideration the weakness of their opponents.

Group D: Brazil 2 – 2 Colombia

The two South American nations don't really like each other... Brazil take the advantage in the first period but the young Colombians don't give up and keep on pushing, scoring their first goal hardly back from the break. The second goal happens 30 seconds before the end. That tie game enables the Colombians to take the 2nd place of their group, in front of the Brazilians, and they will play the quarter finals of the Worlds as a result.

Group D: Venezuela 0 – 1 Russia

Venezuela forfeited. Russia didn't have to play.

Group C: Argentina 3 – 4 Australia

ColombieThe Argentineans didn't manage to break through in those 2014 Worlds. They paid the price once more in yielding against Australia. They take the 3rd place of their group behind Australia.

Group C: Namibia 3 – 7 Spain

Spain finish their group course with a flawless game. They allow themselves a choice position for the qualifying playoffs with an important goal average (+9). That game was controlled from A to Z by the Spanish.

Group A: U.S.A. 9 – 0 Great Britain

The Americans finally shift up a gear after a tie and a loss. They show that they can aim at the title. The U.S.A. will meet Italy: an offensive style (USA) vs. a defensive style (Italy). On the British side, it's a bitter deception. They are downgraded to the lower seed.

Group B: Switzerland 1 – 1 Canada

the first place of the group is played between the Swiss and the Canadians. David Hammond gives the advantage to Canada after 12 minutes of play. The Swiss strike back with Diego Schwartzenbach. Despite several Swiss penalties at the 3-4 of the game, the Canadians don't manage to go past their opponents' defense. Swiss having beaten France, and France having beaten Canada, the Swiss end up first of their group.

Group B: Italy 1 – 0 France

In a very closed game, the French fail at finding a breach in the Italian defense. They touch the bar several times without any goal being scored. The Italian attempts are rare but efficient. It's a dramatic result for the French who are condemned to be downgraded to the lower seed next year. Upcoming game: against Poland.

Group A: Czech Republic 3 – 2 Sweden

The best game of the day. Making the most of a numerical superiority, Sweden open the score and make the notorious Czech doubt for a while. Martin Tvrzniek gives more air to the Czechs two minutes before the break. 28 seconds after the second period has started, the Czech make the most of another Swedish penalty to take the advantage for good. One more goal for each side to finish the game. The Czechs will play against Latvia and the Swedish will meet Canada.

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