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2014 Inline Hockey Worlds: Results of the 5th day

2014 Inline Hockey Worlds: Results of the 5th day

There are only two days left before the finals of the 2014 Worlds of Inline Hockey! The games of the 5th day enabled to determine the teams who will play the semi finals of the competition...


Senior Men

Qualifying playoffs for the quarter finals: Spain 4 – 3 Germany

AustralieAfter flawless track records, both teams met for the playoffs to qualify for the quarter finals. Neither the first nor the second period were enough to decide between the Spanish and the Germans. After 10 minutes of extra time, Albert Thomas freed Spain, who consequently entered the World's Top 8.

Qualifying playoffs for the quarter finals: Russia 5 – 6 Latvia

In a game as tough as the first playoff game, the Russians quickly opened the score and doubled up in the first 6 minutes. The two teams played it rough and physical and none managed to make the difference. Latvia imposed themselves for good against Russia in second period with a score of 6 to 5.

Places 9 to 16: Great Britain 4 – 0 Mexico

The newly downgraded Brits secured most of what comes next in beating Mexico hands down, 4 to 0. Great Britain will play against Russia in semi finals, while Mexico will meet Australia for places 13 to 16.

Places 9 to 16: France 11 – 0 Poland

Espagne SuisseAt home, the French tried to make it up to their public and got back the offensive efficiency they had lacked during their previous games. The French didn't have much time to digest their defeat of the previous day. After a difficult start, they found their rhythm and scored 11 goals in quite a physical game against the Polish.

Places 9 to 16: Germany 4 – 1 Colombia

Germany, fresly eliminated from the title race, had to play twice in one day. The Germans secured their qualification without being troubled by Colombia. They reach the semi final of the Worlds.

Places 21 to 24: Namibia 18 – 1 China

Namibia goes to the next round in beating the young Chinese team. Nothing much to say on that game.

Places 9 to 16: Russia 2 – 1 Australia

The two teams, already used by their morning games, didn't perform at their best. At the end of a game with many penalties, Russia got their ticket to the semi finals of the Worlds.

Places 21 to 14: Venezuela 0 – 1 India (forfeit)

USA ItalieVenezuela forfeited. India won the game.

Quarter final: Czech Republic 8 – 2 Latvia

The game against Latvia was a mere formality for the Czechs. They looked confident and nothing seems to stop them from getting another world title.

Quarter final: Switzerland 4 – 1 Spain

The Swiss discreetly go on their way. The team may not do wonders, but they reach once more the semi finals of the Worlds... They may become a thorn to the recurrent and forecasted U.S.A. vs. Czech Republic shock.

Quarter final: U.S.A. 6 – 0 Italy

The U.S.A. become more and more impressive as games go by. As for Italy, they found themselves helpless in front of the American steamroller who shot reletlessly in their net. The Squadra Azzurra has nothing to prove now that they have managed to keep their place in the elite seed.

Quarter final: Canada 6 – 2 Sweden

After an unbridled and open first period, the Canadians finally took control over a determined Swedish team that took far too many penalties. The Swedish had dreadful counter attacks but coudn't go past Brad Topping, the Canadian goalkeeper in top form.

Junior Women

Colombia 2 – 6 Great Britain

Championnat du monde de roller hockeyThe English confirmed their status of favorites in imposing themselves against Colombia, who will play for places 5 to 8. Great Britain will meet the U.S.A. in semi final.

Australia 2 – 9 U.S.A.

Since their defeat in the opening game against Spain, the Americans haven't stopped levelling up their play. They didn't give an easy ride to the Australians and easily beat them. Australia will play against Colombia for places 5 to 8.

Canada 2 – 1 New Zealand

Led from the start, the Canadians needed 33 minutes before their best scorer, Sarah Power, caught up on the score (1-1), making the most of their numerical superiority. Then, two minutes before the end, Sarah Power offered the lead to her team. The Canadians will meet Spain for their next game.

Spain 5 – 1 Namibia

Spain is the only undefeated team of the tournament. Once more, they showed their defensive skills in letting just one goal in against Namibia. That game was a formality, opening the gate to the semi finals for a game against Canada.

The key-games of the day

The semi-finalists of that second week are now determined:

Junior women

• 14:40: Great Britain – USA
• 16:10: Spain – Canada

Senior men

• 19:40 Switzerland – USA
• 21:10 Czech Republic – Canada

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