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2014 Inline Hockey Worlds: Results of the 6th day

2014 Inline Hockey Worlds: Results of the 6th day

Penultimate day of competition in the Palais des Sports of Toulouse, France. The remaining teams meet for the semi finals and playdone games of the Inline Hockey Worlds...


Senior Men

Places 23 to 24: China 1 – 0 Venezuela

Pologne ColombieVenezuela having forfeited, China wins the game and takes the 23rd place of the Inline Hockey Worlds. It's the only game China didn't lose during the event.

Places 13 to 16: Colombia 1 – 5 Poland

The Polish go on their way to the 13th place in defeating Colombia. Marek Wróbel opens the score 4 minutes after the start, and Piotr Koseda rubs it in (2-0). Colombia can't find their marks during the first period. Back from the break, Marek Wróbel scores his second goal of the game (3-0). 30 seconds later, Mateo Jimenez Velasquez finally scores a point for Colombia. In order to try and get more points, the Colombians finish the game without their goalkeeper. Marek Wróbel makes the most of it in scoring one last time in an empty net (5-1).

Places 21 to 22: Namibia 21 – 1 India

the Indians manage to save their team's honor in scoring one point against Namibia. Despite their successive defeats, the Indians still keep their chins up.

Places 13 to 16: Australia 3 – 0 Mexico

Australia scores 3 goals against Mexico during the first period, the first after two minutes of play by Steven Adams, the second by Boyd Harrington and the third by Steven Adams again. During the second period, the Australians maintain their momentum. Let's note that very few penalties were given during that game.

Places 9 to 12: Russia 3 – 5 Great Britain

AustralieJust as could have been expected, the game between Russia and Great Britain proves to be very physical with many penalties given, particulary on the Russian side. A penalty shot is even given to Great Britain in the middle of the second period. The English score 4 goals in the first period and set back a little when Russia tries to reduce the gap.

Places 9 to 12: Germany 1 – 8 France

The game between Germany and France is a very physical game too. The Germans resist for several minutes before yielding. The French score 3 goals during the first period. Germany score just before the break. In second period, the French score 5 more goals despite many penalties on both sides.
For their last game, the French will meet Great Britain. The Germans will have to face another physical opponent, the Russians.

Places 17 to 20: Argentina 7 – 0 Belgium

Belgium has to face the blister attack of Argentina for the ranking of places 17 to 20. Argentina opens the score in Power Play with Rodrigo Irrisarri (1-0) after a penalty by Mathieu Colpin. Then, goals follow one another without the Belgians being able to retaliate, with Fadundo Vadra (2-0) and Hernan Insua (3-0), in Power Play with Sebastian Echevarria, then Sebasian Marengo and again Hernan Insua. Argentina will play against New Zealand for their ultimate game of the Worlds.

Places 17 to 20: Brazil 5 – 6 New Zealand

Pom Pom girlsA very tight game, the first period of which is in favor of New Zealand who scores 3 goals, while Brazil only scores once. In a burst of pride, the Brazilians score 4 goals in second period, while New Zealand add 2 more points to their score. Despite the Brazilian catching up, the victory goes to the Kiwis.

Places 5 to 8: Spain 4 – 2 Italy

After a balanced first half where none of the team makes the difference (1-1), Spain takes the advantage over Italy with a more offensive play in second period, scoring 3 goals in a row. The last Italian goal on the final bell can't change anything to it.

Places 5 to 8: Latvia 3 – 4 Sweden

Sweden keeps on going up the ranking in wining 4 to 3 against Latvia.
Despite a few penalties, the two teams show quite a clean game. All the goals are scored with the same number of players on both sides. At the break, both teams are tie 2 to 2. In second period, Sweden is more efficient in scoring one more goal than their opponent, 2 minutes before the end by Simon Gustavsson.

Semi final 1: Swiss 2 – 4 U.S.A.

Swiss may have a strong defense, the swift play of the Americans quickly creates breaches in the Helvetian formation. The U.S.A. control the whole game with their technical skills. Very few penalties are given during that game. After a 6-min observation period, taylore Kane opens the score for the USA with the unique goal of the period.
The second period is more open. Skyler Hoar brings the American score to 2 to 0 before Switzerland counter attacks (2-1). The USA strike two times more thanks to Stephen Campbell and Jose Cadiz. The Swiss manage to score 5 minutes before the end, but it's not enough. The USA will then meet the Czech Republic in Final of the Worlds.

Semi-Final 2: Czech Republic 3 – 1 Canada

The Czech Republic dominates Canada hands down, backing them into a corner and being very physical, making them fly off their handles with big broad smiles. With their powerful play, the Czech remain the favorites for the title race. They will fight against the USA later today, a meeting that hadn't taken place in 8 years.

Junior Women

Places 5 to 8: Namibia 2 – 1 New Zealand

USA - Grande BretagneNamibia manages to defeat New Zealand after a tight game. They will meet Colombia in a game for the 5th to 6th places.

Places 5 to 8: Colombia 3 – 1 Australia

Colombia easily impose themselves against Australia. The latters will meet their New Zealander neighbors for places 7 to 8 on the last day of the Worlds.

Semi-Final: Great Britain 2 – 3 U.S.A.

The Americans win ove Great Britain with a one-point difference! They will meet the surprising Spanish team in final of the Junior Women's Worlds.

Semi final: Spain 4 – 2 Canada

A great feat for the Spanish team! Just like the Senior women, the juniors get their ticket to the final against the Canadian favorites. The final won't be that easy for the U.S.A.

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