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Day 2 of the 2014 European Championships of Speed Skating

Day 2 of the 2014 European Championships of Speed Skating

Day 2 of competition in Geisingen was dedicated to 500 m and elimination races. One of the striking facts of the day remains the second world record of German Simon Albrecht...


500 m races on track

The qualification phases took place in the morning, and were followed by the finals in the afternoon. For want of a live broadcasting we are not able to sum up the qualifications.

Senior Women: The revenge of Laethisia Schimek

After a silver medal yesterday, German Laethisia Schimek got her first gold medal in those European Championships. She imposed herself in front of her Powerslide team mate but nevertheless opponent too, Erika Zanetti (Italy). The Italian was leading the whole race. The Germans did a great race with also Alisa Gutermuth getting the Bronze and Sabine Berg the 4th place.

Senior Men: France in the lead

Gwendal Lepivert (France) got the continental title in front of German Matthias Schwierz and Belgian Niels Provoost. The second French competing in the final, Darren de Souza, was disqualified after the race although he was getting the 2nd place. The third French, Nicolas Pelloquin, finished 4th at the general ranking. Belgian Bart Swings ended up 5th.

Junior A Women: A double for Vanessa Bittner

Vanessa Bittner got her second gold medal in two days! Jenny Peissker (Germany) controlled the beginning of the race before France took over. Halfway through, Vanessa Bittner took the lead and secured it until the end of the 500 m. She imposed herself quite easily in front of Jenny Peissker (Germany) and the two French Anaïs Laurent, 3rd, and Maëlann Leroux, 4th.

Junior A Men: the German machine

Podium 500 m juniors B damesSimon Albrecht (Germany) doubled up his feat in smashing the 500 m world record in 38.601, i.e. 1 second under the best Senior Man! He left only crumbs for his followers: Benjamin Soulet (France) finished 2nd, 1.7 second behind. Riccardo Passarotto (Italy) got the Bronze. Two French took the 4th and 5th places: Jonathan Bach and Galaad Belbeoc'h.

Junior B Women: An Italian podium

The Italians actually skate in squadron formation! Giulia Bonechi, Giogia Bormida and Carlotta Camarain seized the podium of the 500 m race without difficulty. They outdistanced Spanish Ana Humanes who had to make do with the 4th place.

Junior B Men

Tim Siegel (Germany) led during the whole race without looking once over his shoulder, letting the other skaters fight for the remaining places. He took the gold against Marco De Flaviis (Italy) and Gerrie Van Lingen (Netherlands). Italian Nicolo Greguoldo was 3 hundredths away from the podium.

Simon Albrecht's race below!

Elimination races

Junior B Women: An Italian double

Once more, the Italians stole the limelight on the elimination race. Martina Zanini won, followed by her colleague, Linda Rossi. They outdistanced Ronja Binus (Germany) for a few hundredths of second. French Mounia Talloussi ended up at the foot of the podium.

Junior B Men: Spain on the edge and a claim

Spanish David Lopez imposed himself at the sprint for two thousandths only! He got in front of Giuseppe Bramante (Italy) and the cluster of 3 French who finished in the same second: Martin Ferrié (relegated from the first place), Doucelin Pédicone (4th) and Flavien Foucher (5th). A claim was made further to the race, relegating Martin Ferrié from the 1st to the 3rd place.

Junior A Women: The revenge of Sandrine Tas

After having been outdistanced by French Déborah Marchand during their previous encounter, Belgian Sandrine Tas took her revenge on the elimination race. The 3rd place went to Elena Møller Rigas (Denmark). Kelly Schouten (Netherlands) and Giulia Lollobrigida (Italy) took the 4th and 5th places.

Junior A Men: Another Italian podium

The formidable Italian trio made of Guiseppe Cistola, Stefano Mareschi and Daniel Niero finished in front of the last two French still in the running, Timothy Loubineaud and Raphaël Planelles.

Senior Women: Lollobrigida conforms

Francesda Lollobrigida remains ultra-favorite in the women's senior category. Once more she showed her superiority. However, behind her, the Halbout Sisters did a great feat in slipping through to the 2nd and 3rd places! They managed to outdistance Irene Schouten (Netherlands) and the impressive Katharina Rumpus and Mareike Thum (last eliminated).

Senior Men: A double for Contin

After his title of yesterday, French Alexis Contin confirmed his return to form! Once more, he got ahead of two dangerous Italians, Fabio Francolini and Lorenzo Cassioli, two distance specialists. Elton de Souza (France) managed to reach the 4th place. Diogo Marreiros (Portugal) was the last one to be able to fight in the sprint. The level was very high in that elimination race, where skaters such as Paxti Peula, Martin Dias and Bart Swings were eliminated in the last laps.

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