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2014 European Championships of Speed Skating: First day on road

2014 European Championships of Speed Skating: First day on road

After the track competitions of the 2014 European Championships of Speed Skating in Geisingen, Germany, make way for road races! The end of the afternoon was dedicated to 200 m races against the clock. Results...


Results of the 200 m races

Senior Women: One more Italian triumph

The Italio-German fight continues! Erika Zanetti (Italy) outdistances her team mate Giulia Bongiorno, but also and above all Germans Laethisia Schimek and Alisa Gutermuth, who end up 3rd and 4th.

Senior Men: Ioseba, the boss of the European sprint

The King of Distance, Ioseba Fernández (16.344 - Spain), wins against formidable Ronald Mulder (16.527 - Netherlands). The 3rd place goes to German Matthias Schwierz (16.743).

Junior A Women: Tight!

What a fight in the Junior A Women's! Italian Daria Tiberto (18.737) imposes herself for only a thousandth of second in front of skillful Austrian Vanessa Bittner (18.738). The third arrived, Belgian Stien Vanhoutte is 5 hundredths behind.

Junior A Men: No suspense

Just as expected, Simon "Boom Boom" Albrecht (16.427) also rules the road. He finishes 3 tenths in front of Italian Riccardo Passarotto (16.763). The 3rd and 4th places go to French Benjamin Soulet and Raphaël Planelles.

Junior B Women: an Italian double

Italy is a whisker away from seizing again the first three places! Giorgia Bormida (18.805) takes the first place of the 200 m road race in front of her team mate Carlotta Camarin (19.056). German Elisabeth Baier gets the 3rd place in 19.191. Giulia finishes 4th, followed by three French: Marine Lefeuvre, Anta Camille Diongue and Mélanie Lizé.

Junior B Men: an Italo-German fight

Another Italo-German race! The two nations own nice tracks and inherit the culture that goes with them. Marco De Flaviis (17.013 - Italy) outdoes Tim Siegel (17.142 - Germany) and Alberto Petrin (17.207 - Italy).

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