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2014 Speed Skating European Championships: 2nd day on road

2014 Speed Skating European Championships: 2nd day on road

The 2014 European Championships of Speed Skating are in full swing in Geisingen, Germany. At the schedule of that second day dedicated to road competitions: the 500 m and elimination races…


500 m road races

Senior Women: A German Double

Juniors A damesThe German skaters were a whisker away from seizing the first three places! This time, the Italo-German fight that's been going on since the beginning of those championships played out for the Germans, who knew how to implement an efficient team work and get the best places. Alisa Gutermuth (43.078) finished in front of her team mate Laethisia Schimek (43.162). Erika Zanetti (43.202 - Italy) managed to make her way to get the bronze in extremis in front of Sabine Berg (43.275 - Germany).

Senior Men: Ioseba Fernandez did it again

Again, after having won the 200 m final yesterday, Spanish Ioseba Fernandez made good use of his top speed in the final sprint, winning in 39.752, in front of French Gwendal Le Pivert (39.852) and another high calibre of distance skating, Dutch Michel Mulder (39.918).

Junior A Women: The fight goes on

Sandrine Tas (42.866 - Belgium) won, 3 thousandths ahead of Vanessa Bittner (42.869 - Austria) and Jenny Peissker (42.937 - Germany). Once again, the race was extremely tight between the 4 skaters competing in final. Each race is an occasion to get revenge on the previous one!

Junior A Men: First title of the day for Raphaël Planelles

After having beaten around the podium since the beginning of the competition, French Raphaël Planelles finally went for his first title on road. The World Vice-Champion of the discipline imposed himself in 40.082 in front of Belgian Yannis Vandebeeck (40.384) and particularly in front of Simon "Boom Boom" Albrecht (40.425) - This is the worst performance of the German since the beginning of the competition… We all agree that everything is relative, indeed!

Junior B Women: An Italian Double

Italian Giulia Bonechi (44.184) outdistanced Spanish Ana Humanes (44.246) and her team mate Giorgia Bormida (44.265). German Elisabeth Baier finished at the 4th place (44.576).

Junior B Men

Marco de Flaviis (40.266 - Italy) got a new continental title in front of German Tim Siegel (40.364) and French Valentin Thiébault (40.375). Here again, only a few hundredths separate gold and silver.

A great French harvest

The French did great performances. Gwendal Le Pivert took the bronze behind Spanish Ioseba Fernandez in the Senior Men's category, outdoing formidable Michel Mulder (Netherlands). In the Junior A Men's, Raphaël Planelles became the 2014 European Champion, putting an end to Simon Albrecht's supremacy that had went on since the beginning of the event. Last but not least, Valentin Thiébault got the bronze in front of Thomas Dambrun in the Junior B Men's category. Congratulations!

Elimination races

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