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Testing the 2014 Fila M110

Testing the 2014 Fila M110

The Fila M100 is a classic of the brand. Online-Skating presents the test of the Fila key-model with a 4x110 mm wheel set-up. This skate is essentially designed for long distance skating. Impressions...



Fila M110


The Italian company changed the design of its model dedicated to long distance in 2012 and it hasn't evolved since then. The boot remains black and orange. The frame is grey with touches of orange too. True to itself, Fila delivers an aesthetically polished and successful product, for a very attractive result.

The liner

Fila M110The M110 has a semi-high upper with a carbon base in which you slip the removable liner. The latter is very comfortable. No pain to declare even after several hundreds of kilometers. We would advise you to regularly take off the liner to air it. It is machine washable at 30°C. As for the drying, we would advise you against using a clothes dryer.

Your feet will be warm at wintertime, but you may be too hot in the summertime...

The carbon shell combines solidity and lightness, and provides good coverage of the foot. Under the boot, there are 3 oblong holes at the front and 2 at the rear for a more precise frame mounting.


The tightening system of the M110 is made of laces and 2 micrometric buckles, placed on the instep and around the ankle for a more precise tightening. This system enables to easily adjust the tightening while skating.


The Fila M110 is cut small. Usually a size 43 EU, I had to use a size 44 for testing...

The Frame

Fila has mounted an extruded aluminum 7000 speed frame with a 195 mm interaxial distance on the M110. It is 13.2'' and has 3 bridges. However it is quite flexible, which provides a little handiness despite its length. The width of the frame is adjustable. There is little space between the wheels and the boot, the standard frame fits perfectly!

The Wheels

Fila M110Fila provides 110 mm 85A Hyper Stripes wheels with the M110. Weighing 147 grams per unit, they are average compared to the other wheels on the market. Although they are not bad, long distance skaters may favor a more comfortable model that will wear out less fast. The rolling of the Hypers is decent without being extraordinary.

The bearings, screws and spacers...

The M110 is equipped with Twincam ILQ9 Pro bearings, a model renowned for its solidity. The 8mm speed-typed Torx axles are tokens of solidity too. Aluminum wheel spacers complete the equipment.

Finishing improved

After the misfortunes of its commercialization in 2012 and the countless rivet problems, Fila made it right and delivers a model with better quality finishing.

On the track

After several hundreds of kilometers skated with this model, our conclusions are more positive than for the previous versions. This skate feels less heavy than it seems (1650 g) and it has a good rolling. And with the big wheel diameter, you eat up the miles without realizing it.

Rough grounds are no problem with the comfy liner and the low frame.

However the length of the frame may be unsettling to some skaters. It requires good cross-over technique. We would recommend it for long distance skates.


The Fila M110 is currently available in shops between 335 and 419€ (delivery costs excluded). With the arrival of the 2015 model, prices should drop considerably. We would strongly recommend you to try them on before buying, since it is cut small and the shape may not suit all feet...

Strong points and points to be improved


+ Comfort
+ Better finishing
+ Efficient tightening
+ Low frame
+ Removable liner


- Wheels
- Price

Technical facts

Fila M110Brand: Fila
Model: M110
Year: 2014
Shell: Composite with carbon basis and unscrewable side protective reinforcements
Tightening: Laces and 2 micrometric buckles
Frame: 4x110 mm — Extruded aluminum, 13.2 inches (335 mm)
Interaxial distance: 195 mm
Max diameter: 110 mm
Wheels: 110 mm 85A Hyper Strips
Bearings: Twincam ILQ9 Pro
Price: 419€
Tested size: 44 EU

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By Sanglier76
Translation: Chloe Seyres
Photos : Fila and Sanglier76 
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