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2014 Worlds of Women's Rink Hockey: The favorites are there

2014 Worlds of Women's Rink Hockey: The favorites are there

The 2014 World Championships of Senior Women's Rink Hockey started on Monday in Tourcoing, in the North of France. The favorites ovbiously won their games. Consequent level gaps can already be noticed between the competing team.


First Day

France / USA14 teams are competing for the world title from October 26th to November 1st. Between the favorites who easily control their games and others who struggle, the first day of the Worlds in Tourcoing had its lot of cards and surprises: All the main ingredients to start a thrilling competition!

This round was not eliminatory and all the nations will play for the 1/8th finals on Wednesday.
Some of the favorites have already played a game, like France, the current title holder, against the USA (18-0) and Spain against Japan (10-0). But the first prize goes to Portugal who scored 24 goals against India...

GROUP A: France 18 – 0 USA

France needed to reassure themselves and ease off the pressure for those home world championships. It's now done! Vanessa Daribo Freed the French after 4 minutes of play. They had scored 6 goals at the end of the first period. As for the second period, it was a real firework!

Goals: Daribo (4', 10', 35', 37'), Le Borgne (6', 11', 22'), Lafourcade (14', 34'), Denest (21', 29', 23'), Malard (8', 21'), Renier (24', 26', 28', 29').

GROUP B: Spain 10 – 0 Japan

Without surprise, Spain, one of the oldest nations in rink hockey, imposed themselves against the Land of the Rising Sun. Spain has won the world title four times and are ready to add another medal to their title list.

POULE C: England 5 – 1 South Africa

England easily imposed themselves against South Africa. The next English game tomorrow against Chile will be another kettle of fish for them.

GROUP D: Germany 4 – 3 Italy

Mondial féminin rink hockey 2014 : Espagne - JaponGermany-Italy was the tightest game of the day. It was won at the free kicks by the Germans... 'till the end of suspense!

GROUP D: Portugal 24 – 0 India

When one of the most experienced nations in the world meets a young newcomer, it irrevocably leads to such a score gap. There will always be debates on such scores and, indeed, they don't always do favors to the sport. Yet it's a good thing for the Indians to meet European teams so that they can realize the gap between them. After all, Portugal has never won the title in the women's category, peaking three time at the second place.

GROUP C: Colombia 1 – 3 Chile

The South-American fight turned in favor of Chile. The Chileans seem well disposed to go and get a place on the podium. Their last victory at the Worlds goes back to 2006. As for the Colombians, they also are in full progression after having got the bronze in 2012.


Swiss will make an appearance for what should be the final of the group (19:30pm), a game within the reach of France. They should play against India on Wednesday for the 1/8. And if you take into consideration that Portugal scored 14 goals, you may rightfully think that the real thing will start on Thursday.

Mondial féminin rink hockey 2014

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Photo gallery by Sylvain Clément

By Joffrey Vanholle and Alfathor
Translation: Chloe Seyres
Photos: Sylvain Clément
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