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2014 Worlds of Women's Rink Hockey: The 1/8 Finals

2014 Worlds of Women's Rink Hockey: The 1/8 Finals

After the group rounds, it's now time for the 1/8 finals of the 2014 World Championships of Senior Women's Rink Hockey. The favorites did their job, both Argentina and France...


Games of the fourth day

England 0 – 4 Switzerland

Argentina !Switzerland showed that they should be accounted for in the runner-up places. They beat England hollow in their 1/8 finals game. For their next game, the Swiss will have to face Germany: almost a derby at the European scale.

Italy 14 – 0 USA

Italy could practice their strategies against the frail team USA. It will be a whole different story today against Argentina, four times world champion, and the probable finalist of the competition.
In the next round, the USA will meet South Africa, a team that will be more within their reach.

Argentina 8 – 0 South Africa

Argentina put up another faultless performance in imposing themselves easily against South Africa. The next game, between South America and Italy should be interesting, with a probable Argentinean victory, but with a smaller score gap. The Italians will sell their skin dearly!

Colombia 3 – 2 Japan

Inde - FranceWhere one may have forecasted a Colombian razzia, the Japanese did even better than just resisting to them! Colombia opened the scores, quickly followed by Japan with their first goal of the Worlds by Miki Wakui (1-1, 10th min). One minute before the end of the clock, Colombia scored again. You could think that the business was done, but it wasn't: The Japanese tied a few seconds before the end! The two nations fought in a penalty session, won in extremis by Colombia who will meet France in 1/4 finals.

France 15 – 0 India

France, 1st of their group, played the 4th of group D: India. Just as expected, French goals followed one another. You just had to guess how many they would score... A game was put online with tickets for the final to win if you guessed the final score.
For their next game, the French will meet the Colombians, a team of a whole other level. As for India, they will try their best against Spain, four times world champion.

Portugal 3 – 1 Spain

Portugal and Spain saved us a crazy scenario. The Spanish team, European champion and current European vice-champion, opened the score (0-1). But 12 minutes before the end, Portugal caught up and imposed themselves 3 to 1 in front of a frenzied audience. A wonderful reversal of situation for the Portuguese who were full of doubts on those last days.
For their next game, the Spanish will face India. As for Portugal, they will have to compose against a very competitive Chilean team.

In short

The games of the day

  • England 0 – 4 Switzerland
  • Italy 14 – 0 USA
  • Argentina 8 – 0 South Africa
  • Colombia 3 – 2 Japan
  • France 15 – 0 India
  • Portugal 3 – 1 Spain

Time of games

  • 13:30 / India – Japan
  • 15:00 / South Africa – USA
  • 16:30 / Argentina – Italy
  • 18:00 / Switzerland – Germany
  • 19:30 / France – Colombia
  • 21:00 / Portugal – Chile


Our page dedicated to the event

Page of the live broadcasting

By Alfathor and Joffrey Vanholle
Translation: Chloe Seyres
Photos: Slap'On'Graphie
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