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2014 Women's Worlds: France in final against Argentina

2014 Women's Worlds: France in final against Argentina

On the program of the penultimate day of the women's worlds of rink hockey were the playoff games and the semi-finals. If Argentina easily dealt with Germany, it was a whole other story for the French who fought with the Chileans until the golden goal...


Playoff Games

Spain 14 – 0 India

Espagne - IndeAfter having sunk into the depths of the rankings for the second year in a row, Spain reassured themselves in beating hands down the young Indian team. There is no doubt that Spain will find a new momentum for the next women's worlds.

Portugal 7 – 2 Colombia

The first period of the game was quite balanced. Portugal had a one-point lead at the break (3-2). In second period, Colombia lost ground, doing many penalties and letting goals in.

Italy 4 – 1 Switzerland

Italy imposed themselves with 3 goals ahead of Switzerland, who had already suffered the wrath of Germany. The Italians will face a team of their level for their next game: Portugal. As for the Swiss, they will play against Colombia in those ultimate playoff games.

England 9 – 1 USA

There is nothing much to say about that game. English goals followed one another against the USA, who managed to salvage some pride in scoring one goal. The USA will have one last game to play, against India, a team within their reach. England will meet Spain.

Semi Finals

First semi final: France 3 – 2 Chile. What a game!

France - ChiliFrance had been beaten 6-3 by Chile in a friendly game the week before the event. That game promised to be balanced.

The scores remained blank for 8 minutes before Chile scored the first goal by Donoso. The French coach asked for a time out. His troops came back on the field more determined than ever. Just before the half time, France managed to tie with a goal by Vanessa Daribo. Both teams fought back and forth.
Back from the break, the French took the lead with a long shot by captain Adeline Le Borgne. They tried to hold on but the Chileans hit the bar twice before finally scoring, two minutes before the end. The clock came to an end with a 2-2 tie.
France had to wait for the golden goal of Tatiana Malard. Tatiana juggled with the ball and sent it right into the Chilean net... And in so doing, she propelled her team to the finals!

Argentina 3 – 0 Germany

It took 10 minutes to Argentina to score their first goal in that game. The German defense proved to be solid. Argentina took 27 minutes to score their second goal, and their third goal was scored a few minutes before the end.
Le but de Tatiana MalardThe Germans have improved a lot since last year's worlds. They should be closely watched after for the next edition!
Germany will now fight against Chile for the bronze.

Results of the day

  • Spain 14 – 0 India
  • England 9 – 1 USA
  • Portugal 7 – 2 Colombia
  • Italy 4 – 1 Switzerland
  • France 3 – 2 Chile (first semi-final)
  • Argentina 3 – 0 Germany (second semi-final)

Program of the last day

  • Japan – South Africa
  • India – USA
  • Spain – England
  • Switzerland – Colombia
  • Italy – Portugal
  • Chile – Germany
  • France – Argentina

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By alfathor and Joffrey Vanholle
Translation: Chloe Seyres
Photos: Slap'On'Graphie
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