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2014 Worlds of Women's Rink Hockey: Argentina on top of the world

2014 Worlds of Women's Rink Hockey: Argentina on top of the world

Despite all their aggressiveness, the French team didn't have the realism of the Argentinean during the ultimate game of the world championships. Argentina imposed themselves 3 to 0 in Tourcoing...


The fight for the title

Finals: France – Argentina

La joie des argentines

The beginning of the game between France and Argentina is very intense... at the image of the whole game, in fact! Both teams show a very varied play.

The formidable Gutierrez opens the scores for Argentina after 7 minutes of play. The French don't panick and launch and attack, but miss the net by a whisker on an action led by Tatiana Malard. Then comes the second occasion in opposition by Julie Lafourcade.

On a lost ball, the Argentineans threaten the French again, outnumbered 2 against 4. They attack Flora's net, who successfully blocks it.

After an Argentinean penalty on Tatiana Malard, the French coach Fabien Savreux asks for a time out. Julie Lafourcade is replaced by Emilie Laboyrie.

The two defenses are strong, with a little more incisive attacks on the Argentinean side. The French prove to be more offensive in the 5 minutes before the break. Argentina asks for a time out 3'30sec from the break.

Vanessa Daribo is hit in the face by an Argentinean strike, she is bleeding. She is replaced 2 minutes before the break.

Second period

Back from the break, Vanessa Daribo is back on track, probably with a tooth in a bad way. Argentina remains very offensive.

Tatiana Malard is the victim of a penaly and finds herself on the ground, holding her ankle. The Argentineans make the most of the situation to go and score their second goal, pouring cold water on the French mood. The South Americans monopolize the ball. Fabien Savreux asks for another time out.

France manages to build phases but shoots from too far without concrete results. The Argentinean opposition is really efficient. Tatiana ends up once more on the ground, her ankle hurts and it shows. 14 minutes left.

The Argentinean pass the ball to find an opening. A third penalty on Tatiana Malard kicks her once more to the ground. And a fourth one... 4 penalties in a row on her! The Argentineans won't let her time to breathe. They temporize as soon as they have the ball.

Tatiana shoots from afar without success, the Argentinean wall is right in place. French penalty on Agudo. The Argentinean pressing on the French net is constant. The French manage to contain it with Adeline Le Borgne and Tatiana Malard, but the Argentinean defense withdraws quickly. Tatiana Malard does another attempt at a long shot. 8 minutes remaining. The Argentinean coach is not relaxed despite his players' lead.

Vanessa Daribo creats two great occasions on oppositions, but the Argentinean goal keeper is watchful and doesn't let the ball in.

Tatiana Malard is once more on the ground and Argentina makes the most of it to score, once more. Tatiana t goes out. She gave all she could. She is replaced by Emilie Laboyrie.

On a French opposition, it was Adeline Le Borgne's turn to end up on the ground. The French will have left forces in that ultimate battle! Less than two minutes are now remaining and the French launch another attack on the Argentinean net, without success.

Argentina win their fifth world title of rink hockey in the women's category. They didn't let a single goal in of the whole competition! 

Consolation final: Germany 0 – 2 Chile

After their loss against France, the Chileans control the Germans with a 2-0 victory. The South Americans score after 14 minute of play. They score another goal in the second period... And get the bronze.

Final results

Bilan du mondial 2014 (Merci à Danielle Tarassioux)

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