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Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Speed Skating Worlds in Rosario, Argentina

Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Speed Skating Worlds in Rosario, Argentina

Here we go for a full week of speed skating at the highest level in the world! Yesterday evening was held the Opening Ceremony of the 2014 World Championships, in the city center of Rosario, Argentina... One of the most amazing parties in the past years to attend to, according to the participants...



An exceptional location

Le monument en rappel !The ceremony was held on the Place facing the National Flag Memorial, the biggest monument of Rosario, on the river side.

The National Flag Memorial was inaugurated on June 20th, 1957, on the anniversary date of the death of Manuel Belgrano, the creator of the Argentinean flag. As you can see on the first picture, the place was crowded for the opening of the speed skating world championships!
Another token of the South American enthusiasm for skating.

Parade of Nations

After the speeches of Mayor Mónica Fein, of Santa Fe governor Antonio Bonfatti and of FIRS President Sabatino Aracu, all the delegations marched, according to the tradition of worlds openings.
The French elite sprinters (Darren de Souza and Nicolas Pelloquin) had rather stay at their hotel and avoid getting tired before the competitions of the next day.


We will remember the wonderful artistic skating performance on the stage below the Memorial, to Tango music of course, and the performance of a Tenor singer. In the meantime, the Argentinean flags were hoisted on the obelisk.
At the end of the shows, cherry on top, two argentinean skaters rappelled down the Monument - a vertical skate track! An incredible atmosphere that couldn't but give chills to the public.

Start of the competitions

Today the competitions start at 13:00 (GMT+1 - France). The evening finals are planned to be broadcasted live.

The nations involved

Useful Links

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