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Testing the Atom Luigino backpack

Testing the Atom Luigino backpack

Earlier in 2014, we had tested the Atom Luigino trolley. Today, we're presenting you the backpack. Here is our verdict after 8 months of daily use...


Test bench


Sac à dos AtomJust like for the trolley, Atom has opted for black, with green and white touches that go well together.

The back part

The back part in contact with your back is fully padded, and with thicker inserts at the lower back for more comfort.

The straps

They are wide and enjoyable. They have mesh fabric to gain in breathability. They don't hurt your shoulders with use. As for skate/bike use, you easily forget that you have the Atom backpack on your back.
A third adjustable strap, horizontal, is available between the two vertical straps. Well adjusted, it enables to wedge your backpack optimally. It doesn't move a notch despite the typical pendulum motion of skating. That strap is all the more useful when your bag is full.

The upper part

It is made of two waterproof pockets: One pocket is big enough for a wallet and a smartphone; the other is perfect for a bunch of keys and a few spare parts.
Atom has also equiped its backpack with a ventilation system with a valve there.

The main pocket

With a volume of 20 L, the main compartment can host a good bunch of stuff. We have carried two 17'' laptops, a pair of city shoes, extra clothing... All in all, there is room.

In the upper back part, many compartments for cell phone, wallet, pen, etc. are available: No less than 6 pockets in total! There is even a snap hook for your keys.
In the lower back part, Atom placed a net that can also contain a good bunch of things.

The sides

Both sides of the backpack have pockets that can contain a flask, a can and/or other food supplies.
At the front, you can put your helmet and hold it with the elastic net.

Skates fastening

It is the ultimate test for a skatebag: up to what diameter and what frame length can you go? Our 4x110 mm frame with fitness boots fits easily. Needless to say that a pair of aggressive or slalom skates will fit even more easily.


This backpack has been tested on the long run (about 8 months) and we have overloaded it to test its resistance. Nothing to declare despite a 10 kg load.
The daily use had almost no effect. The structure of the backpack is still intact.


On the whole, Atom paid attention to detail and the finish is clean. The upper handle covered with silicon, the strong zippers of the waterproof upper pockets, the embroidery of the logo, the numerous adjustable straps, pockets... It is a good product!


We have been seduced by this backpack, by its looks, its handiness and its lifespan. To go further into finish touches, Atom/Luigino could have added a few reflective materials, and it would have been perfect. However, this backpack is a good investment that you can do with your eyes closed.

Sac à dos roller Atom

Strong points and points to be improved


+ Finish
+ Storage volume
+ Resistance
+ Comfort


- Lack of reflective materials

Technical facts

Brand: Atom
Year: 2014
Capacity: 20 L
Measurements: 43 x 30 x 15 cm
Pockets: 13 pockets and compartments
Public price: 69€

Sac à dos Luigino Atom

Photo gallery


Luigino backpack on the EOSkates website

Testing the Luigino/Atom trolley

By Alfathor
Translation: Chloe Seyres
Photos : Alfathor
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