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Spotland.fr blows out its first birthday candle

Spotland.fr blows out its first birthday candle

The OLS Team launched Spotland.fr on December 11th, 2013. More than 200.000 unique visitors browsed the pages of that spot bible. Today, Spotland.fr embarks on a huge project: listing indoor skating spots...



Taking stock

Clubs de roller en FranceWe would like to thank the many of you who visited spotland.fr as soon as its opening: More than 200.000 visitors for its first year, with 500.000 page views, is a great result!
With more than 5.000 skateparks, speed tracks, road tracks, hockey rinks, cycle and green lanes, Scotland.fr is probably the most comprehensive website on the Internet. And we are not taking into account the 1.200 clubs for skating, skateboarding, BMXing and roller skiing that are listed to encourage skaters to learn in the best conditions.

Don't hesitate to visit spotland.fr regularly, about 50 new spots are updated every week!

No, skating does not damage gym floors!

Today, we would like to go further into our approach of service to clubs and skaters. We would like to list a maximum of indoor spots, where skating is practiced, even occasionally.

The bigger our list, the more we can show to our representatives that skating has a place in gyms too, and doesn't damage the floors. If we do succeed, clubs will have less difficulties to get training slots.

Today we have listed 139 halls and gyms. You know what you have to do: Send us photos/info on your indoor skating spots!

Opening up to disciplines close to skating

Espace roller de Saint-Médard-en-JallesSkates, skateboards, BMXs, scooters, mountainboard, longboards... We all often share the same practice spots. That's why we have decided to open spotland.fr to all rolling sports. If you know a bike park, a dirt track, a mogul field near your place, send us photos and info!


We would like to thank Sanglier76 who spends a good part of his free time to complete the data base with new skateparks in France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, USA... Scotland.fr is getting international!

A big thanks too to our partner shops in this project: Hawaii Surf, Nomades, Clic'n'Roll, Terre de Glisse, Pierre Qui Roule, Roller N Co...

Useful links

Tell us where you train with your club to complete Spotland.fr

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