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Testing the Rogelli Peak gloves

Testing the Rogelli Peak gloves

We made the most of discounts to buy Rogelli Peak gloves on skate-dump.nl. This model is rather designed for mild weather practice. Here are our impressions...


Test bench

Gants Rogelli PeakRogelli is a Dutch brand for cycling and running accessories. Skate-Dump.nl has several of their products, including the Peak gloves.
You can guess that they are rather designed for mountain biking.


Inside face: There is an antiskid coating at the upper part of the palm, which is of no use for skating, but pretty useful for cycling. The thumb part and the lower part of the palm are reinforced with neoprene.

Outside face: The fabric parts are made of micro-ventilated mesh to minimize perspiration. They are completed with rubber reinforcements.


There is an adjustable strap at the wrist for a better tightening.


The gloves are made of many parts which are perfectly adjusted. The seams are clean. Nothing to declare.


We have opted for a size M and they fit well. The shape of the fingers is precise and well adjusted.

With use

Gants Rogelli PeakWe have tested the gloves by cold weather to see if they could also be used in the winter time, but they are not really suitable for too cold a weather. They reduce the effects of cold but not much.

However they prove to be a useful protective gear against scratches in case of a fall. Warning: These are no wrist guards. The aim of this kind of product is to keep a good comfort and some freedom of movement while skating, and still have minimal protection in case of a fall, not to damage your hands.

Strong points and points to be improved


+ The efficient ventilation
+ The reinforcements at the palm
+ The perfect finish
+ The discount price


- The poor protection against cold if used during the winter time

Technical facts

Brand: Rogelli
Model: Peak
Public price: 13,95 € with discount
Available sizes: XS, S, M, XXL, XXXL
Recommended use: Automn or spring practice

Useful links

The Rogelli Peak gloves on skate-dump.nl

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