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Buggy Rollin in a Chinese commercial to promote the Skoda Yeti

Buggy Rollin in a Chinese commercial to promote the Skoda Yeti

The latest commercial film featuring Buggy Rollin is out on the Chinese Internet network. It is a project to promote the Skoda Yeti...



Publicité Skoda avec Buggy RollinIt is a smart SUV, not too big or too heavy, just the right size for sportsmen to go everywhere with their equipment.

The concept

Three friends sharing their passion and challenging each other in a brotherly atmosphere.

  • Niall McShea, world class rally champion, is pushing the yeti car to the limits of driving on and off road.
  • Jean Yves Blondeau, AKA Rollerman with his BUGGY ROLLIN wheel suit, is interacting with the car while running downhill on a winding mountain road.
  • Thomas Genon, world class mountain bike champion, is challenging the car through a bamboo forest.

We love the idea of sharing emotions with friends like brothers, using different kinds of sports.

Picture above: Assistant director Queenie, Director Jem Chen, Director Of Photography Dylan preparing the shooting. Dylan is explaining his camera and optic choice. There is a 'Rollerman' sticker on his computer !

Publicité Skoda avec Buggy Rollin

The team

Publicité Skoda avec Buggy Rollin

Jem Chen, the director who successfully raced formula cars in Asia, used his passion and skills for motor sport to convey enjoyment in this film by expressing his deep feelings of speed, mechanics, and extreme sports. He made emotional enhancement choices in using black and white pictures, only coloured with blood red. It also matches the extreme oriental aesthetics of black and red, as well as the style of passionate romantic writer Stendhal in his novel "The black and the red".

Dylan, the director of photography, showed extreme efficiency in choosing the best frame for each action.

You can also feel his love for Asian light atmosphere, halfway between nature and technology. Nobody would guess how skillful the flying camera team is, flying a drone between trees, cables, and cliffs, no matter the wind, always keeping the action in the frame.

The magic team of micro camera specialists could rig cameras in every interesting corner to produce such a big variety of detailed shots.

We, as BUGGY ROLLIN creator, pilot, designer, and dream makers, love this short film. This is going to be inspirational.

Check out the movie on www.yetichina.com or below.

Publicité Skoda avec Buggy Rollin


Video of the advertising

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