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Testing the 125 mm Matter One20Five F1 Speed Skating Wheel

Testing the 125 mm Matter One20Five F1 Speed Skating Wheel

Powerslide pushes the decision-making bodies of the FIRS, the International Federation of Roller Sports, to accept diameters of 125 mm just like the 110's at the time. Matter designed the One20Five, a 125 mm wheel available in three hardnesses. We have tested the F1...


Test Bench

Test de la roue roller course 125 mm Matter one20five F1At the instigation of Powerslide, 125 mm speed skating wheels are now available on the market. Just like for the 110 mm before, the German brand is putting a lot of energy into the adoption of that new diameter.

The commercialization of the 125 mm wheels precedes their official authorization on national and international competitions. Indeed, today they are only allowed on non-FIRS marathons.


Matter delivers a lenticular wheel with two full sides: apart from the edge around the bearing hole, there are no openings in the hub.
In fact, the hub is mostly hollowed, and made of two parts that are welded after molding.

The One20Five Matter Wheels are based on the brand's experience: They have the same polyurethane as the well-known G13 that made the success of Matter these last years. In other words, it is a bi-density wheel with a soft polyurethane on the inside and a hard polyurethane on the outside.

The soft polyurethane of the inside is in the shape of a T. It provides comfort and rebound, while the harder outside part provides a better rolling.
As for the on-core, Matter seems to have kept the same proportions of soft and hard polyurethane as those of their 110 mm model.


The diameter of the wheels is precisely of 125 mm. They weight 181 grams/unit, that is to say about 20.6% more than a 110 mm wheel (based on an average of 150 grams). On the other hand, there are only three wheels to wear and the total weight gain is of a little less than 10%. It is a bit more advantageous in the end. The hollowed hub provides a consequent gain of weight.

Test de la roue roller course 125 mm Matter one20five F1


Test de la roue roller course 125 mm Matter one20five F1The finishing of the polyurethane on the set we bought is very clean, with only one bubble to declare out of 6 wheels.

On the other hand, the finishing of the hub is quite raw, with bulges on the surface. They might come from the pressure exerted on the sides by the machine during the welding of the two parts of the hub.
Moreover, the hub seems to have been cut, the edges are a bit rough.
Last but not least, out of 6 wheels tested, one shows a slight twist. Nothing too bad however, you don't feel it with use. But with such a diameter, the visual effect is emphasized.


The mounting can be done by hand. The bearings easily enter the wheel on the first side, the second bearings are a little harder to put in.


The rebound is quick and the wheel goes back up to a good height, which is proof of a good resilience of the material. It guarantees a good reactivity of the wheel, at least for the urethane part.


The lateral flexibility of the wheel is quite pronounced and comes from both the design of the hub and the structure of the urethane. As an advantage, you get a better grip in bends but it also implies a slight loss of energy in straight lines.

Wear and tear

The wear is slow and homogeneous. No surprises with the urethane of the G13: It has already proved its worth.


The grip is very good on dry grounds, particularly on smooth ground coatings on which the wheel is the most efficient. Urban wet surfaces get more precarious however. The wheel is better on thin wet asphalt.

We haven't tested the F2 version yet, but it would seem that it offers interesting possibilities for rainy weather. The F3 is designed for indoor skating.

With use

We had already tested 125 mm wheel prototypes 6 months ago. It was a pleasure to go back to this set-up. Matter has improved the joint of the hub. They are perfectly silent now — except for T-Stop breaking, where they tend to turn into a sound box.
The sensations of rolling and comfort are impressive, especially on damaged roads and cobblestones. Sensations on rough asphalt are considerably reduced, even more than with a 110 mm set-up.

Previous sensations are confirmed: This diameter is suitable for skaters who know how to handle their skates with long strides and pushes. The 125 mm seems to require mostly technique, even if power is also needed. The 3x125 mm set-up seems less hard to launch that a 4x110 mm. Accelerations and speed changes are smooth, even if you'd better favor long straight lines without stops.
The energy efficiency of the wheel could be optimized on straight lines in rigidifying the whole set-up a bit more. We would be curious to test the F0 version in order to push the One20Five to its very limits.

The total length of the set-up (13.2 inches + extra cm related to the 125 mm wheels) requires vigilance when crossing over. In bends, you'll tend to deviate straight ahead. A 12.8 mm frame should be released soon and open new perspectives.


The 125 mm is only at its beginning but Matter already offers a very successful product despite a few finishing imperfections. The One20Five conveys good rolling and comfort. There is no doubt that long distance lovers will be tempted by this new diameter to conquer the roads. the unit price of the wheels remains expensive even with a club discount. However, market competition with probably incite Matter to reposition itself.

Test de la roue roller course 125 mm Matter one20five F1

Strong points and points to be improved


+ Comfort on rough asphalt
+ Rolling
+ Use of inertia in straight lines


- Hub finishing
- Too flexible
- Price

Technical facts

Brand: Matter
Model: One20Five
Available hardnesses: F0 / F1 / F2
Diameter: 125 mm
Public price: 199€/6 (33.17€/unit)
Club price: 155€/6 (25.83€/unit)
Recommended use: Long distance, marathon


Testing the 3x125mm setup

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