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Testing the Cadomotus Comp TR-5 3x125/4x110mm Speed Skating Frame

Testing the Cadomotus Comp TR-5 3x125/4x110mm Speed Skating Frame

Cadomotus anticipated the doubts of the skaters hesitating to take the plunge and invest into 3x125 mm speed skating frames, in offering a 3x125/4xx110mm hybrid model of frame, a good idea that we couldn't wait testing...


Test bench

Platine Cadomotus Comp T5-52-in-1 speed skating frames have become quite common amongst the speed ranges of big skating brands. Most of the time, it is an option available on junior speed skating frames. For example, Cadomotus offers the Comp TR-5 frame in 12.4 or 12.8 inches, with either 4 wheels of 100 mm or 3 wheels of 110 mm. Since early 2015, the Dutch company has also launched a 13.2 inches adult frame with that option.


True to its tradition, Cadomotus releases a frame with light and ethereal lines. It has five bores on its sides for either 3 wheels of 125 mm or 4 wheels of 110 mm. The sides are rounded for a better rigidity, just like all Cadomotus designs, or those of Mogema beforehand. There are no additional reinforcement bridges in-between the two sides.

The frame only has one oblong at the front and one at the rear. The possibilities of adjustment are thus quite reduced. However it can be made up for with a speed skating boot that has an along set-up. We didn't need that, the centering of the frame under the boot being perfect, as shown on the picture above.

Platine Cadomotus Comp T5-5


The adult Comp TR-5 is 13.2 inches long (33.5 cm), that is to say of a standard size for a 4x110 mm frame. When you add the 125 mm wheels to it, the set-up reaches a total length of 46 cm, which is quite a lot!
The frame weighs 223 grams, slightly above the current average... But let's not forget that we are dealing with an hybrid frame: The extra weight is due to the additional bores.
In its 4x110 mm set-up, the Cadomotus Comp TR-5 is quite compact in length. In 3x125 mm, its height remains very reasonable, and Cadomotus even provides wedges in case the frames wouldn't enter under your boots. They were not needed with our molded boots. The product is very well thought.


The Comp TR-5 has no reinforcement bridges in-between its sides and keeps a relative flexibility on its whole its length, which can be enjoyable with use. It is quite easy to handle despite its size (13.2 inches). Rail-sensation lovers will be disappointed.

Platine Cadomotus Comp T5-5


Platine Cadomotus Comp T5-5Cadomotus remains true to its reputation and experience. The brand releases a frame that is perfectly machined with irreproachable finishing. The angles are smooth, the surface is anodized in black. Nothing to report.

We like the attention to detail with simple speed-type axles, hollowed to gain a few more grams.

Moreover, as mentioned above, Cadomodus also provides wedges in order to raise the skates if needed, which will prove useful if your boot is not high enough for the center 125 mm wheel to enter.

With use

The length of the full 3x125 mm set-up reserves the frame rather to a long distance use on flat and rolling ground. The frame could be a little smaller if it was not a 4x110 mm hybrid version. Vibrations are quite well absorbed on rough grounds.

The flexibility of the Comp TR-5 makes up a little for its length. No rail or crowbar sensation like you sometimes get with too rigid frames. You gain in handiness, which is much welcome with a 3x125 mm frame. They take bends quite well. Warning: Although its handiness may make you forget about its length, you should remain careful when crossing over, given the total size of the set-up!

In 4x110 mm the Comp TR-5 remains very enjoyable. One may think that because it can have two set-ups, it would be at the expense of one of the two, but it is not the case. When it is set up in 4x110 mm there are no more than 3 to 4 mm left above the third wheel. All in all, the ground clearance of the Comp TR-5 is very well optimized.

Platine Cadomotus Comp T5-5


Cadomodus releases a very successfully completed product at a reasonable price of 165€. Offering a frame with multiple set-ups to adults is welcome, at a time where many of us don't know which diameter to choose. The Comp TR-5 will enable you to buy only one frame whatever the diameter you want: Substantial savings... And last but not least, it is good equipment!

Platine Cadomotus Comp T5-5

Strong points and points to be improved


+ Moderate price
+ Finishing
+ Polyvalence with 2 set-up configurations


- Length in 125 mm

Technical facts

Brand: Cadomotus
Model: Comp TR-5
Year: 2015
Diameters: 3x125 or 4x110 mm
Interaxial spacing: 195 mm
Length: 13.2 inches (33.5 cm)
Weight: 223 grams
Public price: 165€
Recommended use: Marathon and long distance in 125 mm, all distances in 110 mm

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By Alfathor
Translation: Chloe Seyres
Photos: Alfathor
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