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Testing the U-Road Sport Uglow retro-reflective/luminous vest

Testing the U-Road Sport Uglow retro-reflective/luminous vest

Ligne Droite sent us a yellow vest equipped with retro-reflective strips and a luminous device by Uglow for us to test it. It can prove to be particularly useful for night skate staff skaters or to safely skate in solo in the dark. Testing the U-Road Sport…



Test du gilet réfléchissant/lumineux U-Road Sport Uglow

The brand Uglow specialized in the design of safety products equipped with luminous devices. Browsing their website, you can find vests, armbands, water-bottle holders, backpacks...


The U-Road Sport vest has large retro-reflective strips that go from the shoulders down to the waist, at the front and at the back. They hold the active ligh-emitting system that makes the originality of the product. A retro-reflective strip also goes around the waist, but without lighting. Contrary to the black vest of the brand equipped with the same system, the U-Road Sport is flexible and is shock resistant.
The light switch is on the battery box, which is a little less handy than on the black Uglow, but it remains reachable.

Test du gilet réfléchissant/lumineux U-Road Sport Uglow

The lighting system has 4 positions:

  • Continuous light
  • Slow flashing light
  • Fast flashing light
  • Off

The manufacturer indicates an effective range of 600 m in continuous and flashing modes. It is confirmed with use if you find yourself in total darkness. The interest of that product lies in the combination of yellow vest + active lighting. The long-range lights make you visible from further and safety is optimized compared to a simple retro-reflective vest.
Uglow mentions on its website that an additional USB rechargeable lithium battery can be purchased.


The U-Road Sport retro-reflective/luminous vest by Uglow will prove to be useful for street skate staff skaters, but also during solo outings in the dark. You will have difficulty to find a more efficient device, both for short and long range.

Test du gilet réfléchissant/lumineux U-Road Sport Uglow

Strong points and points to be improved


+ Range
+ Battery life
+ Solidity
+ Finishing
+ Different light modes


- No remote light switch like the black Uglow
- Relatively high price

Technical facts

Brand: Uglow
Model: U-Road Sport
Type: Light-emitting system with 4 modes
Estimated lifespan: 6000 hours at 800 hz
Use range: -20°C to +80°C
Battery: 2 AA Ni/Mh 2700 mAh batteries
Available sizes: S to XXL (S, M, L, XL, XXL)
Price: 56€
Battery life:
- 9 hours in continuous light mode
- 13 hours in slow flashing mode
- 11 hours in fast flashing mode

Option: USB rechargeable lithium battery


By Alfathor
Translation: Chloe Seyres
Photos : Alfathor, Ligne Droite and UGlow 
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