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Testing the X-Glow Black reflective/light-emitting vest

Testing the X-Glow Black reflective/light-emitting vest

The Ligne Droite shop, specialized in speed skating, has diversified with the years, also opening to products designed for long distance skating. They provided us with a reflective/light-emitting vest by Uglow, the X-Glow Black, designed for night practice...


Testing the X-Glow Black

Test du gilet réfléchissant/lumineux X-Glow Black

Test du gilet réfléchissant/lumineux X-Glow BlackThe X-Glow Black is a reflective and light-emitting safety vest for skaters who wish to be visible during their night outings. It has two devices: reflective strips and a light device, either in continuous or flashing mode. It is visible within a 500 m radius.

This vest was spotted on Claude Viltard during the 2014 Atlantalpe.


The X-Glow Black is a black waterproof vest, with a rather close-fitting cut, equipped with reflective and light devices in the shape of an X (hence the name) on the chest and the back. You can slip keys or a small mobile, even a few spare parts in the 2 accessories pockets. The battery is located in a waterproof pocket at the back of the neck.


The X-Glow is very light, and you quickly forget you have it on. Its close fit prevents it from flapping in the wind and doesn't impede your moves. It is comfy on the whole. You may feel the battery if you put on a backpack... but in this case there is no interest in having a light device in your back.


Test du gilet réfléchissant/lumineux X-Glow BlackThe seams are perfectly clean, just like the finishing of the zippers and of the inside of the pockets. Nothing to declare either as for the sticking of the light devices, it's perfect.

The only damper that could be pointed out is the absence of on/off switch button in the inner vest. It is hidden under the fabric and you have to feel around to find it. A few more seams would have been welcome to fix it in place.


The reflective strips are visible from a distance with car lights. On the other hand, the flashing system is less powerful than that of the U-Road Sport Uglow.

Handle with care!

If you have decided to invest in this reflective vest, you should be very cautious when you store it in-between two outings. Indeed, the phosphorus light system doesn't enjoy being folded. If you make the mistake of leaving it in the corner of your closet without much care like we did, the light systems deteriorate quickly and lose most of their intensity, or even don't even work anymore.

Test du gilet réfléchissant/lumineux X-Glow Black

Strong points and points to be improved


+ Range
+ Discreet
+ Battery life
+ Various light modes


- Fragile light system
- Loose on/off switch button
- Relatively high price

Technical facts

Brand: Uglow
Model: X-Glow
Size: One size fits all
Pockets: 2 for accessories, 1 for the battery
Visibility with flashing light: 500 m
Visibility with continuous light: 500 m
3 modes: Continuous, flashing, fast flashing
Technology: Phosphorus by electrical stimulation
Lifespan: 6.000 hours at 800 Hz
Battery life: 6 hours in continuous mode, 8 hours in flashing mode and 7 hours in fast flashing mode
Tolerated temperature range: -20°C to +80°C
Battery: 2 high capacity Ni/Mh AA type 2700 mAH batteries
Option: USB Lithium battery
Price: 80€


Ligne Droite Roller

XGlow Black on Ligne Droite Web Site

Testing the U-Road Sport Uglow

By Alfathor
Photos : Alfathor and Ligne Droite
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