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Comparison of 3x125 mm Speed Skating Frames

Comparison of 3x125 mm Speed Skating Frames

Powerslide, Flyke, Cadomotus, Bont, Rollerblade, EOSkates... There are more and more 3x125 mm frame models on the market, and we thought it was time to browse the various forces involved, and compare the existing speed skating frame models...

By  Alexandre CHARTIER

Which frame for which use?

Rather than trying to determine which frame is better than which, we thought is was more pertinent to analyse which use each model was designed for. We didn't take into account the short models by Seba (325 - 247mm), or the Powerslide Megacruiser Pro (10.2 in - 260mm) which are designed for street skating / freeriding.

3x125mm Powerslide Vi Alu: A Long-Distance Model

Powerslide Vi Alu 3x125 mmThe Vi Alu 125 is one of the first 3x125mm speed skating frame models to have hit the market. It is quite a flexible model, rather designed for long distance skating, especially for raids. It is also suitable for endurance races, like 6-hour races, or on damaged grounds where its flexibility will dampen vibrations. Its structure makes it more easy to handle than the 3x125mm Triple X. The 12'' version is good for small feet or for street skating outings. The 12.4'' version has a double interaxial spacing (164/195mm). Competitors will more likely turn towards the XXX.

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Powerslide Triple-X3

Powerslide XXX 3x125 mmThe 3x125mm Triple X is Powerslide's competition/performance version of the 3x125mm frame. It is more reactive than the Vi Alu, especially because of its design. They are both made of the same material, extruded 7005 aluminum.
Thus, it is less comfortable according to the grounds you skate on. It is perfectly suitable for marathon skating on rolling and straight circuits, like that of Berlin. Bart Swings did his record time of 56 min 49 with those frames. The model we tested (12.6'') is suitable for most skaters, but taller or stronger skaters looking for longer pushes and rolling should opt for the 13'' Trinity version.

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Cadomotus Comp TR-5

Cadomotus Comp TR-5Cadomotus managed to find a good compromise for skaters hesitating between 3x125mm and 4x110mm set-ups! With this 2-in-1 model, you can switch from one set-up to the other in simply changing wheels. Which proves to be very useful in the rain, being able to change wheel sets within minutes.

The main damper of the model compared to other brands is its length, designed for big and strong bodies. Smaller skaters should make sure not to stumble doing cross-overs. This length also rules out street / freeride use or winding marathon circuits.

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Flyke Neutrino

Platine Flyke Neutrino 3x125 mmPlatine Bont CXXVFluke delivers quite a surprising frame, the Neutrino. Its main originality is its double interaxial spacing 165/195mm. It can be mounted on fitness or freestyle boots, as well as on speed shells. It can also be used by juniors, with smaller wheel diameters.

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The Australian brand, staying true to itself, designed a 3x125mm speed skating frame with very great finish. Results were not long in coming, with Gary Heckman winning the Skating Half-Marathon of Berlin in 30min30, and with Antoine Lesavre breaking a new record at the 24 Hours of Le Mans solo (611 km!).

The Bont CXXV Frame is particularly suitable for big and powerful skaters, with good technical skills. It will perform better or rolling and smooth circuits, where its rigidity will become a true asset.

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EO Skates 3x125mm

Platine EOSkates 3x125 mmThe French brand of carbon frames offers its 3x125mm model in a wide range of 6 different sizes, from 12.4 to 13.4 in. Just like the Flyke, the EO Skates frame has a double interaxial spacing, very handy for custom set-ups on fitness and long distance shells.

The EO Skates frame is the lightest on the market, weighing less than 140 grams. It is particularly recommended for endurance races, where even the tiniest gram gained is useful. It helps for easy speed-ups going uphill, which makes it a weapon of choice in tortuous marathon circuits and final sprints. It is the frame with the lowest ground clearance on the market, and it is delivered with two 2mm carbon wedges for custom set-ups on different types of shells.

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Rollerblade 3x125

Rollerblade makes its comeback to the front of the scene with its speed skate model, the Powerslide 125 3WD. It is mounted on a 3x125mm frame, that is also sold separately at the price of €159. It was designed by Yann Guyader, former speed skating world champion. It is probably one of the best quality-price ratios on the market today. It has a double interaxial spacing and is designed for both regular competition practice and endurance. It is a polyvalent frame, forgiving technical mistakes. It is suitable for 3x125mm discovery or for mixed street/long distance use.

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Maple 3x125

Maple released the 3x125mm in May 2015. The design of this model is true to the spirit of the brand, with a golden frame, available in several sizes. We haven't had the chance to test this model yet, but we'll manage before long.

Platine maple 3x125 mm


BrandFlykePowerslidePowerslideBontEO SkatesRollerbladeCadomotus
ModelNeutrinoTriple X3Vi Alu 125Bont CXXV3x1253x125Comp TR-5
Made in
Designed in
12,6 in.12,6 in.12 in.12,8 in.12,8 in.12,6 in.13,2 in.
12,6 in.

12,6 in.

12,6 in.
13 in.

12,0 in.
12,4 in.
13,2 in.

11,8 in.
12,2 in.
12,6 in.

12,8 in.

12,4 in.
12,6 in.
12,8 in.
13 in.
13,2 in.
13,4 in.

12,6 in.13,2 in.
Mounting165 / 195mm195mm195mm165mm165 / 195mm165/195mm195mm
Bridge Height
45mm50mm50mm52mm48mm53mm 51mm
Bridge Height

60mm61mm61mm63mm59mm65mm 63mm
Comfort +++++++++++++++++++++++
Weight219 gr.227 gr.222 gr.220 gr.135 gr.220 gr.223 gr.
Public price189229169219349159175


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