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2015 Trophy of the 3 tracks: First day of Competition in Pibrac, France

2015 Trophy of the 3 tracks: First day of Competition in Pibrac, France

The International Trophy of the 3 Tracks started on Saturday April 4th, on the bank track of Pibrac, France. The rain didn't crash the party much and the skaters could complete the finals of the 500 m races and the long distance series...


First day of the 2015 3 Tracks

The 29th edition of the International Trophy of the 3 Tracks started on Saturday April 4th, in Pibrac near Toulouse, France. Nearly 860 skaters took part in the 2015 edition. The foreign skaters were the biggest part of the pack, especially since the event was on the schedule of the European Cup of Speed Skating.

The weather forecasts predicted periodic rain falls in the area, but they didn't affect the races much. No fall to deplore.

500 m seniors hommes

500 m Junior A Girls

Three laps for the skaters. The number of series per category was impressive and finals were raced at about 7:30pm. Marine Lefeuvre (Ligne Droite), Chloé Michel (SILA Ligne Droite), Itzia Cubas Gutierez (A.D. Novares) and Maëlann Le Roux (Team Cadomotus MPC) lined up on the start line. Gutierez took control of the race with her incredible extension. She imposed herself in front of Maëlann Le Roux and Marine Lefeuvre.

500m Junior A Boys

Tanner Worley made a strong impression in easily dominating his semi-final. His final opponents, Sebastian Paredes (Venezuela), Wilfredo Valbuena and Benjamin Soulet (Cadomotus MPC), were careful enough to corner him at the start.
Sebastian Paredes let his speed do the talking in front of Benjamin Soulet, who cleverly raced to reach the 2nd place. Wilfreda Valbuena made the most of Tanner Worley's elimination to get the 3rd place.

500m Junior B Boys: a SILA / EOSkates fight

The finals witnessed a clash between Valentin Thiébault (SILA ligne Droite Racing), Martin Ferrié (EOSkates), Flavien Foucher (EOSkates) and Doucelin Pédicone (SILA Ligne Droite Racing).
Thiébault started like a cannonball, led most of the race and imposed himself in front of Martin Ferrié and Flavien Foucher.

500m Junior B Girls

Mélanie Lizé (AL Saint-Sébastien) dominated the semi-finals series. She had to face Gabriela Sarmiento Vargas (Maple Skate), Alessia Mincella (Mariani) and Chiara Widua (RSV Blau Gross Gerau).
Gabriela Vargas crossed the finish line first, in front of Alessia Mincella and Mélanie Lizé.

500m Cadets

On the start line, there were Jan Martin Mende (RSV Blau Gross Gerau), Baptiste Allain (Team Ligue de Bretagne), Marick Guerinel (Equipe Réginonale Ile de France) and Ewen Foussadier (Team Ligue de Bretagne).
Baptiste Allain (Team Ligue de Bretagne) made the difference in front of Ewen Foussadier and Jan Martin Mende.

500m Cadettes

Marie Dupuy (Equipe Régionale Midi-Pyrénées) faced Angelina Otto (RSV Blau Weiss Gera), Chloé Moulis (Equipe Régionale Midi-Pyrénées) and Marie Courson (Team Ligue de Bretagne).
Chloé Moulis imposed herself in front of her team mate Marie Dupuy and German Angelina Otto.

500 m Senior Women

The Senior Women's final gathered two Germans from Darmstadt, Alisa Gutermuth and Mareike Thum, as well as Clémence Halbout (2APN Avon) and Sheila Guerra Posada (Patin Pelayo).
Alisha Gutermuth won the finals. Making the most of a friction in the last bend between the German Mareike Thuma and the Spanish Sheila Posada, Clémence Halbout took the inside and -consequently- the 2nd place. Mareike Thum completed the podium.

500 m Senior Men: The acrobats

The Senior Men's final had a real acrobat clash in stock with Paxti Peula and Elton de Souza (EOSkates) who spent their time overpassing on the inside and the outside. Johan Guzman (Venezuela) did a blistering comeback with a finish hawk on the finish line, facing Paxti but didn't manage to pass him. Martin Dias (Roller Lagos) didn't surrender but got disqualified, probably because of a trajectory change during the final sprint. Elton de Souza then took the 3rd place.

The long distance series took place during the evening in Pibrac, but because of the late hour, the organization decided to reschedule the finals to the next day.

Arrivée des seniors hommes

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