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The 2015 Geisingen Arena International

The 2015 Geisingen Arena International

Despite the indisputable domination of the South-American armada, a French managed the feat of winning at the general ranking of the 2015 Geisingen Arena International in the Men's category: Elton de Souza. Sandrine Tas takes the victory in the women's category...


Results of the weekend

International Arena Geisingen 2015

With the myriad of elite skaters present, the speed skating weekend in Geisingen had a foretaste of world championships! The South Americans came in force, especially the Colombians who made the trip with almost a hundred skaters, all categories combined. We lost count of the number of world champions attending. For them, it is the beginning of a Spring tour on the stages of the European Cup. They are to be found in Gross-Gerau and Heerde in the upcoming weeks...

Senior Men's: Versatility pays off!

International Arena Geisingen 2015Elton de Souza (EO Skates) wins the Geisingen International for the second year in a row. The French knew how to capitalize over the races... Never on the first step of the podium but never far whatever the distance: 11th on the 200 m, 6th on the 500 m, 7th on the 10 km point race, 11th on the 10 km elimination race.
Behind him, Mauricio Garcia (Dominican Republic) has a similar profile, always in the Top-10, except for the 200 m.
The 3rd position is taken by Peter Michael, one point away from the 2nd place, the only skater of the podium to have ranked once in the Top-3 of a race. He wins one of his favorite races, the 10 km elimination race.

What to conclude?

The Colombians are hyper-specialized in their distances. For example, Andres Jimenez ranked 49th at the general ranking despite his victory on the 200 m and his 5th place on the 500 m. He finished around the 80th place at the ranking of long distance races. Same thing for Edwin Estrada, 45th at the general ranking. He won the 500 m and finished 6th of the 200 m... before finishing 99th at the point race.

Elton de Souza's (EO Skates) impressions, the winner of the senior men's category

'Victory at the Geisingen International for the second year in a row! I wasn't the strongest this weekend since I couldn't win a single race. I was very disappointed by my flying lap because it's my specialty and I didn't reach the Top-10, I finished 11th...
However, it's a great honor for me to be the most versatile skater of the world. Indeed this year, the Geisingen event was worth a world championship given the skaters present... 120 elites, with especially the best Colombian sprinters and the best long distance skaters in the world, gathered on the same weekend, there you go with insane races!
I finished 7th at the point race and 10th at the elimination race. It was really not easy because we were only two representatives of the World EO Skates Team with Quentin Giraudeau.
I finished at the foot of the finals of the 500 m and ranked 6th.
Now let's go back to training because the hundred Colombians (all categories combined) are still there for the European Cups of Gross Gerau and Heerde!
Thanks to Sierra Shoes for his work, I feel perfect in my molded boots.
Thanks to EO Skates who allow me to prepare for and skate the most important races in the world.
Thanks to my father and coach, he is also the official cook of the EO Skates Team.'

International Arena Geisingen 2015

Senior Women's: Sandrine Tas (Netherlands) on top

International Arena Geisingen 2015It is quite the same situation in the Women's. Only one of the medalled women finished in the Top-3 of one of her races.
Sandrine Tas (XL Tulips/Powerslides, Netherlands) the winner of the women's general ranking, showed exemplary consistency: She finished 4th of the 200 m, 5th of the 500 m, 5th of the 10 km point race and 7th of the 10 km elimination race.
In second position, Jhoana Viveros (Powerslide Matter Race) won the 10 km elimination race. Better at ease on long distance races, she still ranked 14th at the 200 m and 7th at the 500 m.
The rankings of the German Mareike Thum (Arena Geisingen), 3rd at the general ranking, fluctuated between the 9th ad 14th position for each of her races.
Amongst the race winners that remain in the shadows, let's mention the Chinese Guo Dan (Arena Geisingen) who imposed herself on the 10 km point race and took the 15th place at the general ranking. The Colombian Paola Segura finished at the 24th place of the general ranking despite her victory at the 200 m.

Junior A Women's: The Colombian domination

Colombia didn't do things half way in the Junior A Women's category: 5 Colombians in the Top-5 and 8 Colombians in the Top-10. One can only assess the gap that separates Colombia from the rest of the world. Luz Garzón won in front of her compatriots Daniela Lindarte and Andrea Cañon. The first European, Giada Santucci, is ranked 15th.

Junior A Men's: Paredes and Niero above the rest

The fight was harsher in the Junior A Men's where Sebastian Paredes (Argentina) dominated the debates, just like Daniel Niero (2nd for Italy). Carlos Franco (Colombia) got the bronze. The Colombians made a group result, getting places 3 to 6. The rising Colombian generation seems to be more able to compete on long distance races.

Junior B Men's: Thiébault, the rising man!

The Junior B Men's see the Italian Daniele di Stefano winning one little point ahead of the French Valentin Thiébault (Sila Ligne Droite Racing). The latter gets inexorably closer from the first place year after year! Andrea Appolloni completes the podium for Italy.

Junior B Women's: Success almost complete for Valeria Gonzalez

In the Junior B Women's, Valeria Gonzalez (Colombia) made a strong impression in winning 3 races out of 4. She imposed herself on the 200 m, the 500 m and the 9 km elimination race. She had to 'make do' with a 5th place at the point race. Behind her, the Italians Giorgia Bromide and Beatrice Fausti close the Top-3.

Results of the races

General Ranking of the 2015 Geisingen Arena International

Results of the elimination races

Results of the 500 m sprints

Results of the point races

Results of the 200 m races

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