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Rankings of the 3rd stage of the 2015 European Cup in Gross-Gerau, Germany

Rankings of the 3rd stage of the 2015 European Cup in Gross-Gerau, Germany

The 3rd stage of the 2015 European Cup of Speed Skating took place in Gross-Gerau, Germany on April 25-26. Despite changing weather conditions, most of the competitions unfolded in good conditions...



Criterium International de Gross Gerau 2015

Senior Women: Powerslide in the foreground

After mixed results in Geisingen, the Dutch multiple European Champion Manon Kamminga (Powerslide Matter Racing), finished first at the general ranking of the International Criterium of Gross-Gerau. Manon didn't win any race, only taking the 3rd place for the point race. She finished one little point ahead of her former Powerslide team mate, Mareike Thum (Arena Geisingen Team)! Mareike Thum got the gold on the elimination race. Sabine Berg (Powerslide Matter Racing) completed the Top-3.

The Colombian Jhoana Viveros (Powerslide), 7th at the general ranking, won the point race, while the German Josie Hofmann (Arena GEisingen Team), 10th at the general ranking, imposed herself on the 500 m sprint.

Note: Sandrine Tas (Netherlands, XL Tulips/Powerslide) who had finished first at the general ranking of the previous stage in Geisingen, ranked 5th.

Senior Men's: The comeback of Bart Swings

Criterium International de Gross Gerau 2015The Belgian skater didn't take part in the previous stage on track in Geisingen, leaving the field free to his opponents. It was a whole other story in Gross-Gerau! With only 11 points at the general (8th on the 500 m, 1st of the point race and 2nd of the elimination race), the Powerslide skater dominated the whole competition.
Elton de Souza's versatility (47 points France, EO Skates) wasn't enough against the Belgian world champion. Yet, he did great performances, ranking 2nd at the general ranking, particularly with a 3rd place at the 500 m race. He finished one point ahead of the Ecuadorean Jorge Bolanos (Maple Skate).

Despite his victory on the 500 m race, the French Gwendal Le Pivert (Simmons Rana Racing) ranked 12th at the general ranking. As for the Powerslide skater Peter Michael (New Zealand), he won the elimination race but finished 14th at the general.

Elton De Souza's Feelings (EO Skates)

'I finish in 2nd place at the sprint ranking, behind the Colombian world champion Andres Felipe Muños, and 3rd of the long distance ranking, behind the Belgian world champion Bart Swings.
The weekend was very intense because all the best skaters in the world were there!
It was a delight to see and skate races of such a level...
Great sensations, and even more motivation for the last race of my one-month journey that takes place this weekend in Heerde in the Netherlands.
Thanks to EO Skates, Sierra my coach, Terrance De Souza and to all those who follow my adventures.'

Criterium International de Gross Gerau 2015

Junior A Women's: Colombia seizing the Top-3

The Colombians showed great homogeneity in the Junior A Women's category. Daniela Andrea Lindarte Gaviria, Luz Karime Garzon Arboleda et Maria Camila Celemin Piñeros seized the podium. None of them three ranked lower than 12th on their 3 races. They finished in front of Dutch Stien Vanhoutte (XL Tulips/Powerslide) who won the 500 m sprint.
The Colombian Daniela Mendoza Caldas took the victory on the elimination race.

Junior A Men's: The French challenging the South-Americans

Quentin Giraudeau (EO Skates World Team) dominated the category, winning the long distance races and taking the 4th place at the 500 m sprint. He got ahead of another big name of the category, the Venezuelan Sebastien Paredes. Timothy Loubineaud (Pôle France Bordeaux) completed the Top-3, tied in points with Javier Stevel Baldion Fernandez (Colombia).
Let's also note the victory of Thomas Dambrun (16th, France) on the 500 m race.

Junior B Women's: Colombia again

The Colombian Karen Daniela Bermudez Padilla (Maple Skate) got a clear win with two victories on the sprint and the elimination race. She finished in front of the Italian Alessia Mincella (A.S.D. Olympiad Pattinatodi Siracusa) who imposed herself on the point race. It is not common that two skaters in the Top-3 win all the races. Ranking 3rd, another Colombian: Luisa Fernanda Vallejo Lozano (Paen Canaries), tied in points with the Hungarian Dominika Gardi (Tornado Team Szeged).

Junior B Men's: A French Top-4

The French didn't do things by halves in the Junior B Men's category! They took over 5 of the 6 first places. Bastien Lhomme (ADEL RS) got the first place at the general ranking with a win on the 500 m race, a second place at the point race and a 3rd place at the elimination race. He finished one point only in front of Martin Ferrié (RCH). The latter dominated the elimination race. Doucelin Pédicone (SILA Ligne Droite Racing) got the bronze in front of his team mate Valentin Thiébault. Flavien Foucher (ASTA) finished 6th with his victory on the point race. Only the Italian Andrea Appolloni could challenge the French.

Criterium International de Gross Gerau 2015



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