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Testing the Seba High Light Carbon

Testing the Seba High Light Carbon

The Seba High Light Carbon is the high range version of the popular Seba High Light. It has the same simple design, with a carbon base for the shell. How efficient is this new model? Does it make the difference in the Seba collection and does it compete with the Hardcore Evo by Powerslide? Verdict...


Test bench

Test du Seba High Light CarbonDiscovered in 2014 and available since early 2015 in skate shops, we have tested the new Seba High Light Carbon on a 3-month period. If you remember, the first version of the Seba High Carbon was released in late 2008 with a removable liner at the time. Then the model stepped aside to make room for the KSJ, the iGor and the TriX, all three of them with a liner integrated to the shell, made of carbon for more lightness and reactivity.

Today, the 2015 Seba High Light Carbon arrives on a developed market. It is halfway between the TriX and the iGor, and finds itself in direct competition with the Powerslide Hardcore Evo.


The design of the Seba High Light Carbon is in keeping with the current lines of the 2014-2015 Collection with a very sober design and black as the dominant color. Contrary to the other Seba models, the High Light Carbon has white laces, just like its counterpart, the Seba High Light (with a plastic shell). The frame has a matt finish, which highlights the shell made of carbon fiber for a very slim profile and a premium look.

You can equip your Seba High Carbons with a color kit custom for the laces, buckles and sliders — but not for the cuff, which is different from that of the Seba Highs.


Once tightened, your foot stays in place. The shell and the liner fit the foot closely, which makes the support very efficient.
I would recommend you to use the laces as soon as the first outings to quickly break the shell in and skip the 'blister stage' due to friction.

One of the hardest points to evaluate was the support and the tightening of the upper part of the skate, i.e. the cuff. The new cuff is different from those of the other Seba models that I know very well.
Aesthetically speaking, it looks like that of the 2008 Seba High Carbon but the support is different. It is relatively light if you are used to skates such as the Rollerblade Twisters of the Powerslide Hardcore Evos.


The Seba High Light Carbon has 3 tightening points: An efficient velcro strap at the toes, a very precise micrometric buckle at the instep and an adjusting buckle at the cuff above the ankle. The laces go from the toes to the shin and enable to hold the shell close to the foot.

The tightening of the cuff shouldn't be taken lightly. Just as previously explained, the cuff is very flexible when compared to a plastic cuff like that of the Seba Highs. Don't hesitate to tighten the adjusting buckle to the max — which by the way lacks precision for such a high end skate...

The cuff buckle is long enough, I cut about 3 cm to adjust the tightening, even though I'm not in the small calves category. Don't hesitate to do the same if needed!


The Seba High Light Carbons benefit from the latests comfort improvements made by SebaSkates, also to be found on the TriX and the new versions of the the iGoRs. Comfort is not an option anymore and you feel at ease as soon as the first hours of skating. You don't feel the seams and no pressure point is to deplore as for the first sessions, contrary to the Seba Highs.

After 2 months of intensive use, with 3 slalom sessions per week, the quality hasn't deteriorated and comfort has even improved.

The insole is of lesser quality than the other parts of the skate. It is now the weak point of the Seba collection. Indeed it is a minor defect, but it needs to be pointed out for future improvement suggestions.


The structure of the boot is less rigid than that of the iGoRs, known for their rigidity by freestylers and freeskaters. The High Ligh Carbons gain in flexibility and still keep a suitable and precise support to make freestyle slalom tricks. To sum up, they feel like you have TriX on, but with a better cuff and more tightening.

The ankle support is better than that of the Trix with their special triangle cuffs, and more flexible than that of the Seba Highs.


The boot (without the frames and wheels) in size 42 EU weighs 773 grams, which makes 1.602 grams for the full set-up, with the original frames and wheels — against 1.950 grams for the Seba Highs. The boot of the High Light Carbon is even lighter than that of the Trix (803 grams)!

Platine Deluxe

The Frame

2 frame sizes are available: A 231 mm frame for sizes 34 to 39 EU (4x76 mm wheels max) and a 243 mm frame for sizes 40 to 47 EU (4x80 mm wheels max).

The Seba High Light Carbon is equipped with the Seba Deluxe frame with a matt finish. In order to have a rockered set-up you'll have to change the end wheels (72/76/76/72 or 76/80/80/76).
The Seba Deluxe frames are renowned for their rigidity and their manufacturing quality. We regret that the frame has a basic flat set-up and that no series rockered set-up is available.

The Wheels

Roues Street InvaderThe Seba High Light Carbon is equipped with black Seba Street Invaders wheels. A more detailed test of the wheels is available HERE.

The Bearings

Seba use the well-known ILQ9 Slalom Pro bearings for all their mid-range and high end models. No particular maintenance needed as long as you don't skate in the rain. They are noiseless for classic use — urban skating, freestyle slalom, slides. Make sure you do regular check-ups if you have a more aggressive use, especially with jumps...


The screws are solid and of good quality, the axles as well as the screws resisted the different manipulations. The axles do their job properly, even too much: You sometimes have to force on them to take off your wheels.

The tools supplied (1 for the frame screws, 1 for the rest) have a plastic handle for a better hold.


The finish is as clean as expected for such a high end model. The finish of the liner is perfect and the carbon is well assembled.


With 499.99€ in specialized skate shops, the Seba High is between the TriX (449.99€) and the iGoR (559.99€). This is a premium price range and the High may be a good compromise for skaters who hesitate between a higher investment on the iGor and a lesser investment on the Trix.

In comparison with the price of the latest Powerslide Hardcore Evo 2.0 (399.90€) it is legitimate to wonder which pair to choose and to take the price parameter into account.

We cannot give our opinion on the subject as we haven't tested the Powerslide Hardcore Evo 2.0 yet.


Slider du Seba HighSeba makes a quality comeback with the 2015 High Light Carbon. With a different positioning from what they already offer, half-way between the Trix and the iGor as for the comfort and design of the carbon shell. The manufacturing quality and the improvements of the latest years enable the Seba High Light Carbon to diversify the premium range.

We regret that the cuff is made of plastic instead of carbon, which would have improved the rigidity of the carbon shell and would have made it a more versatile skate probably... But also maybe too close to its counterpart, the iGor.

The few negative points are minor but with a view to giving improvement suggestions for the upcoming versions, the insole remains of very basic quality and the adjusting buckle of the cuff lacks precision compared to a micrometric buckle.

Then comes a subject that remains to be debated, that of the comparison with the latest Powerslide Hardcore Evo 2.0 which I hope will be the object of a future test!

Strong points and points to be improved


+ The light weight (1.6 kg per skate)
+ The comfort as soon as the first use
+ The series wheels


- The plastic cuff (no carbon)
- The adjusting buckled at the cuff (no micrometric buckle)
- The series insole

Technical facts

Brand: Seba
Model: Seba High Light Carbon
Year: 2015
Sole: Composite with two aluminum plates of 7 holes each
Upper: Rigid — carbon and glass fiber with composite cuff
Liner: Mesh — washable
Cuff: Plastic — 4-point adjustment
Protective: Removable lateral anti-abrasion sliders, toe protective cap
Tightening: Laces, velcro strap, micrometric buckle and adjusting buckle
Color: Black and white
Bearings: Twincam ILQ9 Seba Slalom Pro
Wheels: Black Seba Street Invaders
Frame and wheel sizes: 34-39 EU | 239 mm | 4x76mm or 40-47 EU | 243 mm | 4x80mm
Bearing spacers: Speed-type aluminum spacers
Axles: Speed-type 8 mm aluminum axles
Sizes: 34-47 EU
Weight: 1.602 grams for a size 42 EU
Price: 499.99€
Recommended use: Intensive use of slalom in competition, slides.

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By Antoine Colange
Translation: Chloe Seyres
Photos : rollerenligne.com, Seba
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