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Meeting with Spanish Speed Skater Ioseba Fernandez

Meeting with Spanish Speed Skater Ioseba Fernandez

Isobar Fernandez is one of the most famous sprinters in speed skating. The Spanish world champion is directly concerned with the new race formats initiated by the FIRS. We have collected his thoughts...



Hello Ioseba, I head that you visited the facilities of the 2015 Worlds of Speed Skating in Kaohsiung. Could you describe them?

The Kaohsiung track is a world-class track and it is even covered! I couldn't skate on it when I was there because it was just completed and the paint was not dry, but I'm sure we will live fascinating races on this track.

The FIRS is implementing new race formats on road, like the 100 m and the circuit lap. What do you think of it?

KaohsiungI think that this sport needs changes to move forward, but I'm not sure that those changes are actually positive. I have big doubts on the rules of those new races. For the 100 m, it would be interesting to have 4 skaters for each round because in a final of 3 skaters, they all have a medal, which is less interesting. I also think it is necessary to have 2 meters of space in width for each skater, and there are no 8 m wide circuits.

Moreover, the start will be fundamental on 100 m. We should observe what is done in track-and-field, everybody starts at the same time, not on the judges' criteria. We should use technology.

As for the road circuit lap, there will never be any world record since each circuit has a different length, and I don't know any olympic competition without a world record. I would be necessary to test the race before the worlds to set standards. The athletes can't train for a whole year without knowing the process of the world competitions.

As I said, I can't be for or against those changes, but for the moment I have huge doubts.

Will you race on those new distances?

The Worlds are the greatest and the most attractive event of the year for me. If my season goes well and I am at the worlds, I will line up on every single race.

How do you prepare for the world championships?

Each year, I try to improve and be better than the previous year. I note my mistakes to correct them and I observe the qualities of my opponents. I'm not a 20-year-old kid anymore but I have lots of illusions and I want to be the best.

For the moment, I train regularly, I'm physically well, and all the sessions I have planned so far have been successful.

Which races are you going to do for your preparation?

This year, I focus on my skating and I will take part in all the races. To be honest I'd like to have the possibility of racing for the 200 m title, but if this race doesn't take place on road, I will re-skate it on track.

What are your objectives for the 2015 Worlds?

My objectives are at the maximum, I want to give my best on each race, at the European and at the World championships. I hope to get a title at the end of the year to celebrate it!

Free space

A very special hello to my French friend Nicolas Pelloquin whom I'm going to miss a lot this year at the championships.

Thanks Ioseba!

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