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Portrait of Brittany Bowe (USA)

Portrait of Brittany Bowe (USA)

Brittany Bowe is a skating champion, both on wheels and on ice. In 2015, the American, member of the USA Olympic team decided to go back to her first love and put her inline skates back on...



A life devoted to sport

Brittany Bowe sur longue pisteBrittany Starr Bowe was born on February 24th, 1988 in Ocala, Florida. She practiced several sports from a very young age, especially basketball and soccer. She even played soccer in the U13 team of the state of Florida. She had to stop because of schedule conflicts. She then dedicated herself to basketball and played for the Florida Atlantic Owls.

Skating beginning

In 1996, at 8, Brittany Bowe has a go at inline skating. She quickly reaches the highest level and takes part in the world championships from 2002 to 2008. From 2008, she dedicates herself to basketball where she plays pivot for her team.

The Olympic dream

In 2010 she is inspired by her skating friends Chad Hedrick and Heather Richardson, who take part in the winter Olympics. She puts her basketball career on standby. Brittany Bowe moves to Salt Lake City, USA to train on the long ice track and get the gold at the olympics. She also gets a degree in sociology that same year.

In January 2013 she finishes in the Top-3 of the ISU world cup for the first time, getting the bronze at the 1000 m in Calgary, Canada. Six weeks later, she gets her first gold medal in long track world cup, again for the 1000 m in Erfurt, Germany. At the general ranking, she gets the second place behind her compatriot Heather Richardson.

Brittany Bowe (à droite) dans l'équipe BontIn March 2013, she gets the bronze at the 1000 m during the world championship, behind the Russian Olga Fatkulina and the Dutch Ireen Wüst. In September 2013, she breaks the 1000 m world record in 1:12.58 at the World Cup of Salt Lake City. During the 2013-2014 season, she reaches the Top-3 five times: One gold medal, three silver medals and one bronze medal. She also excels at 1500 m where she gets a gold medal, and silver medal and three bronze medals.

At the 2014 Olympics in Sotchi, Russia, she does poor performances, ending up 13th at the 500 m, 8th at the 1000 m and 14th at the 1500 m. In 2015, she goes back on the way to victory with two gold medals at the 1000 m and 1500 m and a silver medal at the 500 m. She imposes herself in the ranking of the 2015 world championships of sprint.

Back to the roots

In 2015 she will line up at the start of the NSC races as soon as May, as well as that of the outdoors championships of the USA.
She will also take part in the American selections in June to enter the national team. Meanwhile, Brittany Bowe has already found her place back in the Bont Skate Team.


Ice skating

  • 1000 m world record holder
  • Sprint world champion
  • Multiple world champion on 1000 m and 1500 m
  • Member of the 2014 USA Olympic Team

Inline skating

  • 32 medals at world championships
  • 8 times world champion
  • 3 gold medals at the Pan-American Games
  • 11 times world champion in the junior category

Useful links

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Photos : Sasha Krotov, Bont
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