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At the heart of the 2015 Worlds of Roller Hockey

At the heart of the 2015 Worlds of Roller Hockey

All the teams entered into the competition on Monday at the Salvador Bonilla stadium, with more or less success. The general level has increased, which makes the rest of the competition harder to predict...


A busy day...

Au cœur du mondial de roller hockey 2015

Senior Women's: Two nations stand out in Group B

Au cœur du mondial de roller hockey 2015In the Women's, Spain didn't give the slightest chance to Mexico. They placed themselves as favorites, just like the Czechs who beat India 19 to 0. Such a score was predictable given the level gap between the two nations. India remains a young nation in international hockey. Spain and the Czech Republic will meet in a decisive game on Wednesday morning to take the lead of the group.

Group A: Argentina struggles at the bottom of the table

In Group A, Argentina dropped in the ranking after two losses, 5-3 against Finland and 3-1 against the USA. The latter keep the lead of the ranking and hold the bar. Italy takes the 3rd place of the group after a thriller of a game against Colombia. The Italy-Argentina game on Tuesday in the crowded stadium will bring precious points to the winner.

Junior Men's: France is still the leader of Group A

In the Junior category, the Group of Team France is of weaker level. France and Spain are up a notch and battle today for the 1st place. However, Mexico held on for a whole period against France, before literally exploding in 8 minutes and finally yielding 11-1. Colombia lost against Spain with a score of 8 to 1. Too physical, the Colombians couldn't express their style with a 4 on 4.
Last but not least, Mexico won on a knife edge 3 to 2 against Argentina, in a fast and open game, like the South Americans are used to.

Championnat du monde de roller hockey 2015

Junior Men's: The Czech setback in Group B

Last but not least, in the hardest group, the Czech Republic fell into the trap of Italy. While they were leading 2 to 0, they let an Italian player find their weak point before making a terrible mistake. An Italian penalty was called, the goalie got out of the court, a player missed his pass and the puck ended up in the cage. The Czech would not score a single point more. Italy took a precious point for what comes next.

In the other game of Group B, the USA swept the board against Switzerland, who paid for their lack of discipline. It was the game of the day. Quickly leading 2 to 0, the Americans thought they'd have an easy game. But the Swiss tenacity paid off: They caught up on the score and even took the lead 4-3 until 2 minutes before term.
The USA sped things up to tie with numerical superiority. While they were at it, Spencer Ridout and Jack Mali freed their team mate and saved their team from defeat. They will have to confirm against Italy tomorrow, just before the Czech Republic-Switzerland game that promises to be quite physical!

Championnat du monde de roller hockey 2015

Results of the day

Junior Men's — June 8th, 2015

  • Mexico 3 / 2 Argentina
  • USA 6 / 4 Switzerland
  • Czech Republic 2 / 2 Italy
  • France 11 / 1 Mexico
  • Colombia 1 / 8 Spain

Senior Women's — June 8th, 2015

  • Mexico 0 / 7 Spain
  • Colombia 2 / 4 Italy
  • Finland 5 / 3 Argentina
  • Czech Republic 19 / 0 India
  • Argentina 1 / 3 USA

Championnat du monde de roller hockey 2015

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