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2015 Worlds of Roller Hockey: Let's get down to business!

2015 Worlds of Roller Hockey: Let's get down to business!

The intentions of each team are getting clearer and clearer on the Rosario court. The women's penalty shootout to decide between the Czechs and the Spanish had a foretaste of finals. As for the Junior Men's category, the strength display of the Czechs against the Americans was more of a serious clarification...


A spectacular start

Mondial roller hockey 2015 : les choses sérieuses commencent

Senior Women's: An unprecedented scenario

At the first rays of sunshine, the Czech Republic met Spain for their last group game. In this neck and neck game, the goalies were overloaded with shots from both sides and proved that those two teams may go much further in the competition. As the consequence of their tie game and tie ranking, just as stipulated in the rules, the two teams met again a few hours later for a 3-penalty shootout, unprecedented in the history of the Worlds. Winning 1-0, the Czech Republic took the lead in front of Spain.

Imposing themselves 6-1 against India, Mexico completed the Top-3.

Mondial roller hockey 2015 : les choses sérieuses commencentThe USA made the most of Finland's loss against Italy (1-0) to take the lead of their group after a 9-0 victory against the same Italians in the morning. Argentina took the 4th place in front of Colombia, 5th. The latter will play India tomorrow morning, the winner will meet the USA in the evening. Finland will open the ball of the quarter finals against Mexico, before the clash of the old continent with Spain vs. Italy. At 8:15pm, Argentina, supported by their public, will try and confound all expectations, placing the Czech Republic as the favorite of the game.

Junior Men's: Feverish French

In the Junior Men's category, the French didn't play their best against Colombia. Lacking discipline and success, the juniors only managed to escape the Colombian trap at the very end of the game.They ensured the 1st place with this victory, in front of Spain who dominated Mexico 10-1. With their 5-2 victory, Colombia ensured the 3rd place while Argentina ended up at the bottom of the ranking.

Italy put pressure on the Czech Republic in Group B. Letting only one goal in after their 5-1 victory against the Swiss, they hoped for the 1st place according the number of goals conceded after the Czech-American game. But the quintuple world champions cut the suspense short, crushing the USA 7-0. With 2 conceded goals in 3 games, the Czech Republic ended up 1st of their group.

The Mexicans would need a miracle to defeat the untouchable Czechs in quarter finals, just like the Colombians with Italy. Yet, 2 other games promise to be more open. France is the favorite against Switzerland, but penalties will play a great part in the outcome. Last but not least, the USA, quite deceiving since the beginning of the Worlds, will try to reach the semi finals in supplanting the Spanish, now the favorites of the game.

Results of the day

Senior Women — June 10th, 2015

  • Spain 2 / 2 Czech Republic
  • Italy 1 / 9 USA
  • Argentina 3 / 3 Colombia
  • India 1 / 6 Mexico
  • Finland 0 / 1 Italy

Junior Men — June 10th, 2015

  • France 5 / 2 Colombia
  • Switzerland 1 / 5 Italy
  • Spain 10 / 1 Mexico
  • Colombia 5 / 2 Argentina
  • Czech Republic 7 / 0 USA

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By Sébastien Marpeau
Translation: Chloe Seyres
Photos : Eddy Wegrzyn 
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