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2015 Worlds of Roller Hockey: The Czechs on Top of the World

2015 Worlds of Roller Hockey: The Czechs on Top of the World

Imposing themselves in the senior women's and the junior men's categories, the Czechs place themselves as the dominant nation of roller hockey. They are also the favorites before the senior men's worlds...


Last day of competition for the senior women and the junior men

Championnat du monde de roller hockey 2015The French juniors get the silver at the end of a great tournament feat. Back on the last day of competition of the junior and women's worlds...

Very little goals scored in the senior women's

The women's games of the last days offered great shows but with only little goals scored. With an average of hardly more than 3 goals per game on the last 2 days, the goalies were kept busy.

Colombia imposed themselves against Mexico for the 7th place, and Italy took the 5th place against Argentina after 5 minutes of extra time, on a score of 1 to 0. The Spanish did the same, also with extra time, against Finland. Proof that the levels are very tight between the teams.

Last but not least, the finals maintained the suspense for a long time. The Czechs put pressure at the beginning of the game with 2 goals, before the USA reduced the gap to finish with a score of 2-1.

It's the second time that the Czech Republic gets the world title, after the Beroun Worlds in 2010 against Canada. The absence of the Canadians and the French was noticed, they could have entered the battle to gold.

Championnat du monde de roller hockey 2015

Junior Men: The perfect game of the Czechs

In the Junior category, Mexico get their revenge from their group game against Colombia, after imposing themselves 5 to 1. Spain finished 5th after their 4-2 victory against Switzerland and must have lots of regrets after their defeat in quarter finals, at the penalty shootouts against the USA. By the way, the Americans were helpless against Italy who gets their first junior medal. This team, on constant progression, might as well become one of the favorites in the years to come.

Last but not least, France will have done everything they could to keep their title, in vain. After a long observation phase, the Czechs scored... And catching up on the scores is almost impossible against them, they excel in the art of giving the runaround to their opponents. Yet, the French tried and tried again, and many shots may have ended up in the Czech net, if it hadn't been for the remarkable intervention of the best goalie of the tournament, Dominik Frodl and his 98.1% of goal stops! The second goal, scored in the last 10 seconds, is anecdotal, the Czechs seized their title back. France still did an amazing performance, with 6 victories in 7 games and the 3 best scorers of the worlds. Several main players should leave next year, and the team will have to digest those departures to stay amongst the elite.

The seniors men are getting ready

On the senior men's side, it's time for the first trainings. The French imposed themselves 10-0 against Argentina and 7-0 against the Americans, who seem pretty weak and not ready to play. The first big test of the French will take place tomorrow for the first group game, against the favorites of the competition, the Czech Republic. France will be able to place themselves at last, before meeting their enemy cousins, Italy, and then Latvia.

Championnat du monde de roller hockey 2015


Senior Women — June 13th, 2015

  • Mexico 3 / 5 Colombia
  • Argentina 0 / 1 Italy
  • Spain 4 / 3 Finland
  • USA 1 / 2 Czech Republic

Junior Men — June 13th, 2015

  • Mexico 5 / 1 Colombia
  • Spain 4 / 2 Switzerland
  • Italy 3 / 2 USA
  • France 0 / 2 Czech Republic

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By Sébastien Marpeau
Translation: Chloe Seyres
Photos : Eddy Wegrzyn
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