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2015 Worlds of Roller Hockey: France in the Finals!

2015 Worlds of Roller Hockey: France in the Finals!

In this penultimate day of competition, the French brilliantly imposed themselves against an agonizing Team USA. The French are hungry for pucks, they qualify for the finals against the unbeatable Czechs...


The French Sensation

A first for Macau

Championnat du monde de roller hockey 2015Macau, coached for their first participation in the World Championships by the coach of Paris 13, Guillaume Silliès, finally got their first victory, 9 to 1 against India. The team has improved a lot since the beginning of the Worlds and has finally developed the game they learnt a few weeks before.
In the world cup semi-finals, Brazil imposed themselves without surprise against Colombia. Last but not least, Switzerland crushed Venezuela 24-1 and will meet Brazil in the final of the cup.
Italy let their experience do the talking against the tired Argentineans. The latter lost a lot of energy in their clash against the USA, during the quarter finals of the previous day, and couldn't fight back. Italy will meet Spain for the 5th place. As for Mexico, they will play Argentina for places 7 and 8.

The Czechs keep the suspense going

The last game of the day is a rematch between the Czech Republic and Latvia, the two teams having met during the playoffs, at the advantage of the Czech who won 5-1. But against all odds, the Latvians are going to control the game. They lead with a score of 1-0 for the biggest part of the game, especially thanks to their exceptional goalie, stopping 50 shots without letting a single one in. Lukas Novak's top corner shot finally brings the two teams to a tie, then Patrick Sebek uses all his experience for the second post, and last but not least the last goal in an empty cage enables the Czechs to impose themselves, after much struggle, and reach the finals of the Worlds this year again.

Championnat du monde de roller hockey 2015

The French steamroller

The Czech Republic will meet France in final. Although the Czechs had beaten the French 4 to 2 at the beginning of the Worlds, the evolution of the game may well be different this time. Indeed, France has put the warrior mode on and has gained in power game after game. The USA bore the consequences, crushed 6-2 by transformed French. The fear there was in their game of the previous years has vanished, the danger comes from the whole team, and the leaders are on top form.

The French will have to give their all to try and get their first gold medal for their 20th participation in the Worlds.

Championnat du monde de roller hockey 2015

Results of the day

June 20th, 2015

  • India 1 / 9 Macau
  • Argentina 3 / 6 Italy
  • Spain 5 / 3 Mexico
  • Brazil 3 / 1 Colombia
  • Switzerland 24 / 1 Venezuela
  • USA 2 / 6 France
  • Latvia 1 / 3 Czech Republic

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Sébastien Marpeau
Translation: Chloe Seyres
Photos : Eddy Wegrzyn
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