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Testing the Roll'X Freeride Wheel

Testing the Roll'X Freeride Wheel

The French brand Roll'X is famous in speed skating but they know how to diversify in other disciplines, like roller hockey and freeride. We had the opportunity of testing the 80 mm freeride model in 85A...


Test bench

Test roue RollX freeride


Test roue RollX freeride

The Freeride Roll'X wheel is made of a white core, almost full, like hockey wheels. A few holes have been pierced to gain a little in weight without sacrificing its rigidity and solidity.

The main difference with a hockey wheel is the profile of the on-core, more elliptical than rounded. the orange urethane is the same as the one used in the X-Bird speed skating wheels.

Test protocole

The wheel was tested in slalom, skatecross, hockey and fitness skating for a month, outdoors and indoors, on various grounds.


The set-up is easy, bearings enter without problem. You just need a tool.


The orange urethane of the X-Birds is well-known for its grip and its versatility. It grips very well on dry grounds, and quite well on moist grounds too.

With use

We were positively surprised by the quality of the on-core. The Roll'X Freeride is a versatile wheel that is suitable for both indoors and outdoors practice.

In slalom, the Roll'X Freeride performs very well and reacts perfectly. Its grip proves to be particularly useful for weight bearing changes, in freestyle and speed slalom.

In skatecross, you don't slip one inch, which is perfect to keep your speed in bends, both indoors or outdoors, a quality that often lacks in other wheels.

In freeride, the Roll'X resist well to big jumps.

In leisure hockey, the Roll'X provides enjoyable sensations for braking and speed-ups, it reacts immediately.

Quality-price ratio

Test roue RollX freeride

The Roll'X Freeride is the ultimate versatile wheel, often less expensive than the other brands with an exemplary lifespan, it's one of the best wheels we have ever tested!


The RollX Freeride is a light wheel with an incredible grip, it is a versatile wheel accessible to all skaters whatever your level. The French supplier isn't yet very well known in the freeride world, but there's no doubt that they will find their place quickly with this model...

Technical facts

Brand: Roll'X
Model: Freeride
Color: Orange
Profile: Elliptical
Diameter: 80 mm
Hardness: 85A
Public price: 7.50€ / wheel
Recommended use(s): slalom, freeride, freestyle, fitness

Strong points and points to be improved


+ Slow wear
+ Grip
+ Lightness despite the volume of the urethane
+ Comfort on varied grounds


- Not much distributed in shops

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