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Testing the EOSkates 3x125 mm Frames

Testing the EOSkates 3x125 mm Frames

The 3x125 mm is on a roll in speed and long distance skating. After Powerslide, It's EOSkates' turn to take up the segment in launching a range of 3 frames of different lengths. We have tested the 12.8'' for you...


Test bench

Platine EOSkates 3x125 mm

Platine EOSkates 3x125 mmEOSkates developed a range of 3x125 mm speed skating frames in a few months:

  • 12.4''
  • 12.6''
  • 12.8''

That makes for a good variety of lengths according to uses and skater builds.
Other dimensions may be available soon.


The design is quite similar to that of the other EOSkates frames that we have tested, such as the 3x110/1x100 H2, the 4x110 and the old 4x104 Sprint.

The sides are smooth and sober and are reinforced with a light and discreet bulge. The sandwich design is the trademark of the French brand.
Let's note that there's room under the axle of the center wheel... It would seem that EOSkates prepares a hybrid model with a 110 mm center wheel!


12.8'' are equivalent to 325 mm. The frame weighs 135 g, a light weight compared to the competition. That's also the strength of EOSkates. For those interested in bridge heights and ground clearance measures, with a caliper you get 48 mm at the front and 59 mm at the rear of the frame.


Platine EOSkates 3x125 mmNothing much to say, it's all very clean. Let's just note a few joint traces on the outside of the bridges.


According to the type of boots you use, you may need blocks on the front and rear bridges. EOSkates provides carbon blocks with its frames. Except for that, the mounting is not a problem.

You will need long screws with larger heads if you use the blocks. Another sizable feature: the frames have a dual interaxial distance of 165 / 195 mm. There are considerable customizing possibilities.


After 3 weeks of daily testing, no degradation of the frames was to deplore, despite frequent skating on cobblestones, damaged asphalt, a few small jumps and several hardcore slides.


Platine EOSkates 3x125 mmBefore testing the EOSkates frame, we had tested other 3x125 mm models, such as the Vi Alu by Powerslide and the Cadomotus Comp TR-5 3x125 / 4x110 mm hybrid frame. We've got good points of comparison here.

The EOSkates frame is more rigid than the Vi Alu, you have more the sensation of skating on rails. However the sensation tones down quickly. The 3x125 mm by EOSkates remains less rigid than the Triple X or the Cadomotus.

With use

The front and the rear of the 3x125 mm by EOSkates offer good flexibility, which is very welcome in curves, you gain in maneuverability. It is a noticeable quality for a 3x125 mm model. On long straight lines and one some types of routes, you may appreciate a bit more rigidity, even if it is already satisfactory.

Lightness is there, obviously, taking speed is incredibly easier than with a 4x110 mm set-up. This also comes from the fact that our set-up with dual density RollX, wheels weighing 159 grams each, brings a supplementary weight gain. In a pack, its makes the difference in case of an attack. With time, this weight gain is also appreciated, we covered 130 km without much training beforehand and without feeling sore. Last but not least, when going uphill, starting the momentum is easier. Carbon erases a good bunch of flaws specific to the 125 mm.

Quality-price ratio

For 349€, you obviously think twice before investing... But once you've tasted carbon frames, it's hard to turn back!

Which size for which body built and which use?

The 12.8'' is more destined to rather tall and powerful skaters. It requires good skating technique to be exploited to the max. It is suitable for long races on straight routes and damaged grounds. The 12.6'' is a good compromise for skaters about 1.70 m and it has a higher maneuverability. The 12.4'' is a version that's more oriented towards fast street skating. It may also be more suitable for women.


You will have understood it, we've been won over by the EOSkates 3x125 mm frames. Except for their price, we don't have much to reproach. Their reactivity, maneuverability and the facility you get to speed up convey a playful dimension to speed. You can reach big speed differentials and enjoy yourself without dreading the hardship of re-starting. Test them and give us your feedbacks!

Platine EOSkates 3x125 mm

Strong points and points to be improved


+ Lightness
+ Dual interaxial distance
+ Speed-up facility
+ Blocks provided in the package


- Price
- Noise at first
- Original screws a bit short

Technical facts

Brand: EOSkates
Model: 3x125 mm
Material: Carbon
Length: 12.8'' (325 mm)
Interaxial spacing: 165 mm or 195 mm (dual)
Axles: 8 mm Aluminum 7075
Front bridge: 48 mm (/ground)
Rear bridge: 59 mm (/ground)
Weight: 135 g
Public price: 349€
Delivered with: axles, blocks and mounting screws
Recommended use: Intensive practice of speed skating on track and road in competition. Long distance skating.

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Texte and photos : Alfathor
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