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2015 European Championships of Speed Skating: Mid-event medal stock taking

2015 European Championships of Speed Skating: Mid-event medal stock taking

The first part of the 2015 European Championships came to an end this morning on the track of Wörgl, Austria. It is the occasion to take stock on the medal ranking...


Taking stock on the track races

Pos. NationMédaille d'orMédaille d'argentMédaille de bronze Total

Amongst the 19 nations in the running, only half of them got at least one medal.

Number 1: Italy

With 32% of the medals with more than a third of gold medals, the Squadra Azzurra dominates the debates. Italy can count on strong personalities like the Lollobrigida sisters, Erika Zanetti, Fabio Francolini, Andrea Angeletti, Lorenzo Cassioli... A nice little bunch of world champions!

Number 2: France

28% of the medals go to the French, who finished second at the general ranking of the 2014 world championships in Rosario (while Italy was 5th). France does a good start at those European Championships with a total of 30 medals, including 11 gold.
France can count on cornerstones such as Alexis Contin, Gwendal Le Pivert, or the Souza brothers... and count on a young ambitious generation who dominated the relays, the 1000 m and the long-distance races. Amongst them: Quentin Giraudeau, Timothy Loubineaud, Thomas Dambrun...
On the women's side, Chloé Geoffroy got the bronze in solo. Chloé Michel, Alexia Deroo, Charlotte Frouin and Marine Lefeuvre got the silver at the relay. The young generation seems to assert itself more.

Number 3: Belgium

Championnat d'Europe Roller course 2015Despite a relatively modest number of skaters, Belgium always manages to be well ranked at the medal rankings. With 4 titles and 12 medals, it can count on strong personalities like Bart Swings and Sandrine Tas to get titles. The skillful Belgian skater remains formidable and all the strategy of an Alexis Contin is needed to challenge the gold against him.

Number 4: Austria

Only 3 medals for the organizing country, but 3 gold medals! And they all hang around the neck of Vanessa Bittner. The Austrian skater has a perfect management of her races and makes the most of the power she has gained on ice to make the difference on race ends.

Number 5: Germany

Germany is to a tie on medals with Spain (total of 9), with only 2 titles against 1 for the Spanish. The Germans show consistant and performant women's teams with experimented skaters such as Sabine Berg, Mareike Thum, Laetishia Schimek and Alissa Gutermuth in the senior category. The young generation has promising elements such as Josie Hofmann and Jenny Peissker.
On the men's side, Simon 'Boom Boom' Albrecht, despite his young age, is able to make the difference in the senior category. Let's not forget that he is the holder of the European (and world) record in junior.

And now, destination: the road circuit of Innsbruck for the second part of the Euro!

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By Alfathor
Translation: Chloe Seyres
Photos : Sylvie and Emmanuel Geoffroy
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