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Testing the 80 mm Matter Glow skate wheel

Testing the 80 mm Matter Glow skate wheel

Matter and Powerslide have launched a phosphorescent wheel on the market. We got a set from the Parisian shop HawaiiSurf. Gadget or safety device in its own right? Test...



Roue Matter Glow 80 mmThe Matter Glow wheels have a green hub with 5 dual spokes, quite similar to that of the Matter Image, but in several diameters. The structure is quite light and airy. The interlocks can be clearly seen through the transparent urethane (the pierced plastic ring on which the urethane is fixed).

The on-core is quite generous. A few bubbles can be noticed, as well as the small particles that make the wheel phosphorescent. The profile of the Matter Glow wheel is elliptical. On the whole, the design is quite classic.


Despite the bubbles that can be noticed at the interlocks, the Matter Glow wheels have a good finishing. The very sober printing doesn't show any other information than the name and the brand of the wheel. No indication about its hardness. Our measure indicates 86A, it's thus quite a hard wheel, close to a speed skating model.

Testing protocol

We tested the 80 mm model in wearing it out on abrasive grounds. Once put in 'normal' conditions of use, we used those wheels for 3 weeks of daily commutation, come rain and come shine. Then, when stretched their limits with a few series of various slides and jumps.


No difficulties of mounting. No tool is needed to insert the bearings into the wheel.


Roue Matter Glow 80 mmOur first feeling was too conditioned by the wheels we are used to and which have a better grip. Some adaptation time was needed to stop believing that we were going to spin off the road at each bend. The Matter Glow wheel skids quite easily, but in the end not more than most wheels of the same hardness. In short, don't buy those wheels for their grip, but it's not a prohibitive point either.

Wear and tear

The wheels wear out evenly. We didn't noticed any defect due to the incorporation of the phosphorescent materials. No flat spot to deplore after our slide sessions, even after one-wheel slides.

With use

It is efficient enough for a wheel of this range, you don't feel the additions in the wheel. It's a model that could be recommended for night skate lovers. It is also quite suitable for sliders, for the evenness of its sliding and the easy skidding. Last but not least, we are convinced that the phosphorescent side will be the origin of a few videos shot at night...

Quality-price ratio

With 8.75€ for a diameter of 80 mm, the Matter Glow is a bit more expensive than a classic wheel of equivalent diameter. The price is not crazy though, given the originality of the concept.

How to optimize the phosphorescence?

To get the best possible effect, the wheel should be exposed to bright light just before the night session.


Let's make no mistake about it, the Glow isn't a safety device in its own right, its light isn't strong and permanent enough to be seen from afar, contrary to a luminous wheel. Despite this aspect, it remains a wheel that brings its own touch of innovation without being detrimental to its performances.

Roue Matter Glow 80 mm : bulles et particules

Strong points and points to be improved


+ The fun side
+ The easy sliding 


- Not very bright if little exposed to light before session

Technical facts

Brand: Matter
Model: Glow
Year: 2015
Made in: the USA
Diameters available: 80, 84, 90, 100 and 110 mm
Profile: Elliptical
Hardness: 86A (F1)
Price: 8.75€/u.
Recommended use: Night skate, freeride

Useful links

Site de Hawaii SurfThe Matter Glow Wheel on the HawaiiSurf Website

By Bitumwalker and Alfathor
Translation: Chloe Seyres
Photos : Alfathor
Merci à HawaiiSurf
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