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Testing the 125 mm RollX XDual Wheel

Testing the 125 mm RollX XDual Wheel

The market of 125 mm speed skating wheels is expending rapidly, month after month, with more and more new models. RollX strikes hard in releasing a new model that is as light as a 110 mm wheel. Verdict...


Test Bench

Description / Measurements

Roue RollX 125 mm XDualTrue to its tradition, RollX releases a 125 mm wheel with its characteristic 13-flared-stroke hub. What is the difference with the previous models? The hub has reached a diameter of 89.5 cm for more lightness. As a reminder, the other 125 mm RollX models had the same hub diameter as the 110 mm wheel, i.e. 77.5 mm.

It proudly shows 160 grams on the scale: The weight of a 110 mm wheel! The least to say is that saving one wheel per foot is considerable.

The on-core is thus thinner and has polyurethanes of two different densities. We have measured the hardness of the outer urethane at about 89A, which is quite hard, the aim of which is to provide a good rolling.

The on-core keeps the elliptical profile characteristic to speed skating wheels.


The finishing is quite clean on the whole. We noticed a slight excess of polyurethane at the joint between the hub and the on-core on one of the 6 test wheels.

Testing protocole

We used the wheel for daily commutation on various grounds, for long distance skates, and for speed skating training. We covered 500 km with those wheels.


We met no difficulty for the mounting. No tool was needed to insert the bearings into the wheels. Place your bearings and spacers on the corner of a table to push them into the wheel and you're good.


The 125 mm RollX Dual performs very well on smooth rolling grounds, this is where it offers its best potential and optimal rolling.

Roue RollX 125 mm XDualOn rougher grounds, it is less pleasant to skate with, due to the fact that it has less urethane than the other 125 mm models by RollX. The vibrations of the ground are more clearly felt.


The grip of the wheel is excellent on dry grounds despite the hardness of the outer polyurethane. The softness of the inner PU makes up for it. You can take a bend without fearing to skid, because the distortion of the hub provides good grip in bends.

On the other hand, forget about this wheel on wet urban grounds, the grip quickly becomes precarious, especially after the first rains on damaged asphalt. the situation gets better on the smooth and even grounds of sidewalks where cars haven't deposit their grease.

Wear and tear

RollX provided us with quite a young test set, we had to wait a bit before using it. Count 6 to 8 weeks after their production date so that they have the time to reach maturity (it's just like wine!) The wear is even and homogeneous. The surface wears out quite slowly if you give it the time to mature. Nothing to declare.

With use

The rolling is good on the whole and should get even better in the months to come. Indeed RollX works with several world champions and with EOSkates to improve its wheel. Today, it is already very pleasant to skate with, especially because of its lightness. In combining it with a 3x125 mm EOSkates frame, you cover the miles without straining your legs, or anyway, far less than with a 4x110 mm set-up.

As mentioned above, this wheel shows its best potential on smooth grounds where you can make it work without feeling any vibrations. It is suitable for marathons and long-distance races. As for raids, it's up to you: If you want to favor lightness, go for this model, if you're looking for comfort, choose another model like the 125 mm green RollX Bird.


With 25€/wheel against 33€ for the competition, the 125 mm XDual by RollX has significant advantages to assert. It places itself as a real alternative. A quality wheel made in France.

Roue RollX 125 mm XDual

Strong points and points to be improved


+ Lightness
+ Rolling
+ Price
+ Made in France


- Comfort on damaged grounds
- A few finishing details

Technical Facts

Brand: RollX
Model: XDual
Year: 2015
Made in: France
Diameters available: 125 mm
Profile: Elliptical
Hardness: 90A
Price: 25€/u.
Recommended use: Long-distance skate, raid, speed skating

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By Alfathor
Translation: Chloe Seyres
Photos: Alfathor
Thanks to Olivier from RollX
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