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Testing the Nordic Skating Gloves by Powerslide

Testing the Nordic Skating Gloves by Powerslide

Looking for thin and light gloves for speed skating in the summertime, we found a pair of nordic skating gloves at Pierre Qui Roule, a shop in Bordeaux. Here are our impressions...


Test bench

Nordic Gloves by Powerslide

The Nordic Gloves by Powerslide look a lot like the speed skating gloves we tested a few years ago, minus the palm guards. That's what caught our attention at first: Gloves that would just protect from burns, period.


They are not gloves so-to-speak but mittens (no fingers). The upper part is made of breathable mesh (with micro holes), while the thumb is covered with a terry insert to absorb or wipe your perspiration away.
The palm is covered with a thin and soft piece of synthetic leather (crash PU). Another piece is placed just under the fingers. Fabric pieces at the middle finger, ring finger and little finger make the taking off of the gloves easier.


Despite a few loose seams, the Nordic mittens by Powerslide have a good finish on the whole.

With use

The gloves are quite easy to slip on, they closely fit the shape of your hands, they are pretty well cut. To take them off, the fabric pieces are indispensable. No discomfort to notice while skating, you quickly forget about them. The terry insert is welcome in the summertime, to absorb perspiration and wipe it away. After a month of daily use, they haven't deteriorated.
For a Nordic Skating use, the fact that the leather pieces are thin help with the holding of the sticks. The gloves protect from friction mostly.


The Nordic Gloves are an interesting alternative to classic speed skating gloves. They won't protect from fracture in case of a fall but can prevent surface wounds. Their main quality is their comfort and their ability to be easily forgotten about.

Strong points and points to be improved


+ Comfort
+ Easily forgotten about


- A few loose seems

Technical facts

Brand: Powerslide
Model: Nordic Gloves
Design: Breathable mesh, terry cloth, polyurethane synthetic leather - 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex
Sizes: S (1.40-1.60 m), M (1.60-1.70 m), L (1.70 -1.80 m) and XL (over 1,80 m)
Public price: 20€/pair
Recommended use: Nordic Skating and Speed Skating

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By Alfathor
Translation: Chloe Seyres
Photo: Powerslide 
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