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Flanders Grand Prix 2015

Flanders Grand Prix 2015

The 48th edition of the Flanders Grand Prix took place from August 14th to 16th, 2015 in Oostende, Belgium. The local skaters, Bart Swings and Sandrine Tas, imposed themselves at the general ranking. Summary of the event...


Summary per category

Bart Swings600 skaters from 20 different countries took part in the 48th edition of the Flanders Grand Prix. Despite complicated weather conditions, all of the races could be completed. The Flanders Grand Prix also served as the European Cup of Speed Skating.

Senior Men: The Untouchable Bart Swings

In winning the 5 races of the Flanders Grand Prix, Bart Swings (Powerslide Matter) didn't do things by halves: He won the 10 km point race, the 1000 m, 8 km and 30 km races, as well as the 15 km elimination race! 2015 is the Belgian's 4th victory on the Flandres Grand Prix.
He particularly showed his talent for the 30 km, which he skated at an average speed of 41 kph. He crossed the finish line with a 1-min lead over his followers.

The closest skater at the general ranking is the French Elton de Souza (EOSkates) who did his best performances on the 1000 m and the 8 km races with two second places.

In 3rd position, there is the Dutch Ruurd Dijkstra (Powerslide) whose qualification for the Worlds was at stake during the Flandres Grand Prix. He performed homogeneously on the whole, always ranking in the Top-10, except for the 1000 m where he took the 16th place.

Elton de Souza (2nd)

'A great racing weekend, a very heavy schedule with six different races, including 30 km on road. After the European Championships, I took a big break from skating and I was apprehensive about coming back to competition. I won the sprint ranking, finishing 2nd of the 300 m against-the-clock behind the German sprinter Simon Albrecht, and 2nd of the 1000 m behind the Belgian multiple world champion, Bart Swings.
I also finished 2nd at the long distance general ranking, which confirms my victory at the sprint and long distance general ranking on the 9 stages of the 2015 season.
I am extremely proud to be able to have it both ways, and it is also of good help for me, since I try to make a living from skating.
A big thanks to EOSkates and Sierra, and to my coach, who is getting international with the bootcamps he runs in many countries, Terrance De Souza.'

Ruurd Dijkstra (3rd)

Ruurd Dijkstra'It was a vey successful weekend for me. It was a qualificative event for the Worlds. I didn't perform very well at the European Championships because the track was a bit too wide for me. I feel better on the Zandvoorde track where I skate better, I am very satisfied!'

Senior Women: Sandrine Tas Like a Boss

Sandrine Tas (Zwantjes Roller Club) was a whisker away from achieving a Grand Slam, winning the 10 km point race, the 1000 m, the 3000 m and the 10 km elimination race. Her only 'counter-performance' was on the 16 km on road where she was robbed of the first place by the second skater at the general ranking, the Dutch Manon Kamminga (Powerslide Matter Racing). Manon had very homogenous results, always remaining in the Top-3. She proved to be very incisive on the 16 km where she broke away, leaving Sandrine Tas to lead the pack sprint.
The bronze medal went to the German Josie Hofman, always in the Top-5. You will have understood that the Flanders Grand Prix mostly crowns long distance skaters!

Junior A Men: Timothy Loubineaud without discussion

Just like Sandrine Tas, Timothy was this close from the Grand Slam, winning all his races except for the 1000 m sprint, and outdistancing the three Americans, Christian Keesler (MPC FTC2015), Caleb Wakefield (GL FTC 2015) and Andrew Reichert (MPC FTC2015).


Junior A Women: A Close Top-3

Cadomotus6 little points separated the women's top-3. The Italian Sara Rondina (G.S. Scalenego Venezia Italie) won only one of her races (10 km elimination), just like her main contender, the local Stien Vanhoutte (Zwantjes Roller Club) who won the 1000 m. There were only 3 points between the two first women.
On the 3rd step of the podium, there was Berber Vonk (Poli Cadomotus) who always ranked between 3rd and 6th.

Junior B Men: Martin Ferrié Making the Difference

The French Martin Ferrié (EOSkates) won 3 out of his 5 races, getting a good 10-point lead at the general ranking against the local Indra Médard (Zwantjes Roller Club). The latter still won the 3 km race and got the 3rd place at the 15 km elimination race, for a total of 21 points.
With 39 points, the French Giovanni Trebouta completed the Top-3, especially in taking the 3rd place at the 10 km point race.

Junior B Women

Ana Humanis Fernandez (CMP Arganda) is still improving. She won the junior B women's competition, imposing herself in the 10 km point race and the 3 km in line. She took the 2nd place for the 1000 m and the 15 km road race, and finished 4th at the elimination, her only race out of the Top-3. She outdistanced the Hungarian Dominika Gardi (Tornado Team Szeged) who steadily finished at the 3rd or 4th place.

The Top-3 was completed by the German Larissa Geiser, only 2 points behind. Yet she did good performances, finishing 2nd of the 15 km on road, 2nd of the 10 km elimination race, and 2nd of the 3 km. Let's not forget to mention the German Elisabeth Baier, who finished at the frustrating 4th place at the general ranking, despite two victories (1000 m sprint and 10 km elimination race)!


Photos by Sylvie Geoffroy on Mediaskates.com

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General Ranking of the Flandres Grand Prix 2015

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By Alfathor
Translation: Chloe Seyres
Photos: Sylvie Geoffroy - mediaskates.com 
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