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Testing the Pleasure Tool Frame by Powerslide

Testing the Pleasure Tool Frame by Powerslide

Powerslide sent us their new 'Pleasure Tool' slalom frame. Under that suggestive name hides a 3x110 mm model, suitable for slalom and for regular urban skating.

By  Jérémy ESCARPE

Test bench

Platine Powerslide Pleasure Tool3x110 mm frames are on a roll in the skating market. They were more recognized for regular skating but they are more and more widespread in speed slalom, especially in Asia.


The Pleasure Tool frame by Powerslide reveals sober lines, for a dynamic and modern black-and-white look. The upper part of the sidewalls of the frame is curved, with a double void structure for more rigidity without thickening them.

The sidewalls get wider towards the areas that are subject to strain to avoid any breakage, Powerslide's experience is showing. The many holes on the sidewalls make the frame lighter. Between the sides and the wheels, Powerslide placed two openwork support bridges for more rigidity of the center part. A great design work.

Platine Pleasure Tool Powerslide


The length of the Pleasure Tool is the same as that of a 243 mm slalom frame with a 4x80 mm set up. It is the shortest 3-wheel model on the market today (the 310 Seba frame is 247 mm long). The frame has 3 oblong slots at 165 and 180 mm interaxial distances.

Just like the competition, the spacing is not the same between the three wheels. The space between the two rear wheels is of 11.2 mm, just what they need to almost touch each other. The front wheel is 13.1 mm away from the middle wheel, which leaves enough space for the fixation of the frame onto the boot.
As for ground clearance: The rear bridge is 62 mm above the ground, and 52 mm for the front bridge. There is a little space left at the front, the frame is quite well optimized.


Powerslide delivers a perfectly machined frame with a few appreciable details such as the scales along the sides of the front and rear mounting slots, to help you adjust your set-up. The edges have been smoothened you won't cut yourself with them. Torx axles and bearing spacers are included.

Platine Pleasure Tool Powerslide


We mounted the Pleasure Tool on a Powerslide Hardcore Evo 2011 boot, a carbon model perfectly suitable for speed slalom. Centering the frame was no problem with the 3 oblong slots of the frame and the along slots of the boot. The advantage of mounting it with a Powerslide boot is that you can have a very precise X-Mounting combination for your set-up.


After several weeks of testing in regular urban skating, freeride and speed slalom, the frame did not move a notch. Nothing to declare.


As mentioned above, the Pleasure Tool's design mixes lightness and rigidity. The frame is rigid while its ends are a bit more flexible for more maneuverability.

With use

Platine Powerslide Pleasure ToolIn speed slalom, you need some time to switch from a classic banana set-up (76-80-80-76) to a 3x110 mm frame of the same length (243 mm) and get used to it.

Technically speaking, with 110 mm, given that all wheels touch the ground, you have to modify your weight bearings and put more weight on the heel for more maneuverability. This position has to be emphasized compared to with a banana set-up, easier to handle at first. Once you've found a good balance with your heel, you gain in speed in the cones because of a better inertia and a closer skating to the cones.

We took the habit of skating in the streets with a 3x110 mm frame of 11.6 inches (29.5 cm). For regular urban skating, the 5.2 cm gain makes a difference in terms of maneuverability. The skate still has a good rolling but becomes incredibly fun as a bonus: You can switch backwards and forwards without thinking about it, jump, do side surf easily, it doesn't feel bulky at all. You have a sharper acceleration at the start and you totally forget that you are in 3x110 mm.

The only damper is the loss of support when pushing and when at high speed, the energy of the push is not transmitted as well as with a longer frame. You cannot go as fast. You have to work on the frame with long pushes to reach you maximum speed.

Quality/price ratio

For 129€, the Pleasure Tool is the cheapest speed slalom frame on the market. With its irreproachable finishing, its compactness and design work, it places itself as a key-frame on the 3x110 mm market.


If the use of the Powerslide Pleasure Tool in speed slalom is limited to a few good-level skaters, on the other hand, it will seduce without difficulty the skaters who love a good and fun urban skate mixing rolling and handiness. You quickly feel like a kid again with that kind of frames on, and you surprise yourself doing tricks for fun just like that. A must-try!

Platine Pleasure Tool Powerslide

Strong points and points to be improved

Les plus

+ Maneuverability
+ Rigidity
+ Price

Les moins

- Lacks a bit of ground clearance

Technical facts

Brand: Powerslide
Model: Pleasure Tool
Material: Extruded and machined 7005 Aluminum - lazer finishing - double void
Length: 243 mm
Interaxial spacing: 165 mm or 180 mm
Axles: Aluminum Torx M7 Axles
Front bridge: 52 mm
Rear bridge: 62 mm
Weight: 196 g
Public price: 129€
Delivered with: Axles and bearing spacers
Recommended use: Speed slalom and regular urban skating

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